Console release date?

is there going to be a release date for this game to consoles?? i would like to play this before this game goes the way of the dodo.

They may want to fix the game on PC first so it doesn’t get review bombed on console honestly. The biggest contentious points are things like shared resources and crafting, some classes feeling objectively weaker, and some balance issues. I would imagine it would be best for them to fix those things otherwise people will complain, write bad reviews, warn their friends, and potentially sell less. If I had known what I know now, I wouldn’t have bought this game.

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As it is, the game is barely fit for an Early Access release on PC. FS said in their apology letter a few weeks ago that console development is paused while they get their act together.

I agree about the statement.
They need to fix the major part of the bugs reported and add some content before starting to work on the console port.
But, patch by patch, content speaking, we get close of this…

Now they seriously need to address the bugs reported… when we see that they have not yet fixed a bug that impact a weapon and makes it useless, bug reported since december 22th, we see that, here, there’s a lot to do.

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