Xbox one beta release date?

Hey so i’ve been looking into it pretty extensively and i cannot find when you guys are officially releasing the xbox and ps4 beta’s. If anyone has anymore information on that behalf please let me know because I know the microsoft and sony community are dying to have this! Thanks

Same here. I’m waiting on the PS4 version. I’m actually playing Vermintide 1 on PS4 right now and I still log in almost daily to check the contracts, beat the key contracts or save them for later. I drop by the forums from time to time to check for any news cuz I figure it’ll be mentioned here before anywhere else. And all I see are PC people whining and nitpicking and writing page long comments on how they absolutely hate the game they’ve been playing for a hundred hours. If any Fatshark people read this thread can you throw us a bone and say something? It can be super vague or even totally fabricated like you can just randomly pick a date and say like “Oh June 4th the console betas will be available for download” but have no actual date set. You can totally make something up just please say something!

A lot of things are broken right now so you’ll be glad you didn’t play the game early in the end.

It’s not that broken, there are just few glitches, i love the game since the beta.
But yeah, if you let they make the pc version perfect, once they’ll optimize it for console you’ll have a better version than out first version

I encounter a different glitch every time I play a match. It’s more than a few.

Wow then you must be really active on the bug forums…

5 minutes later


Look this game isn’t perfect but if you’re claiming that you’ve found an entirely different glitch every play-through then you are absolutely full of it.

GirthtySnausage: Right now I don’t think this would be a fun experience on a console due to how demanding the AI currently is on your PC. I don’t recall VT1 chewing up so many resources. Until that gets optimized I wouldn’t expect to see a console version until at the soonest this Holiday Season.

Audio bugs, incorrect voicelines playing, graphical bugs, abilities not working correctly, weapon bugs, random crashes, specific crashes, characters taking damage while tied up, characters permenantly dying, enemies spawning out of thin air, special audio not playing, traits still not working as intended, players respawning in inaccessible areas, players being revived but still staying down, players being revived but disappearing from the map, objectives that glitch out and become unusable, being stuck in a falling animation, being stuck inside a grimoire room, invincible bile trolls stuck in an animation, bile trolls which get stuck in the map and don’t come trapping you. . .

The list can go on and on and on. What’s the point in reporting this crap when Fatshark isn’t going to do anything about it? Don’t you think we tried during the closed and open betas?

Personally, I don’t want everything to be fixed when i play it on console. I’d like to assist in getting things running smoothly. Also, nothing can be so buggy it’s unplayable. That’s EVERY game on launch in the world ever. But I wanna contribute too!

Still checking in and still waiting for the console beta.

And still playing the first game 5 to 7 days out of the week.

Gonna be sad to leave the first one behind but I’m looking forward to all the new challenges ahead!

Same here, but for PS4. Every newsletter that doesn’t mention console betas or a release window is more depressing than the last. It would be great to get a morsel of information just so we know you haven’t forgotten about us “poor, filthy console console casuals.”

Expanded Xbox beta started the end of last week. You have to install the xbox insider app and agree to participate in the beta. Then you install the Vermintide 2 beta through the xbox insider App. I think the only beta is on Xbox right now.

There have been only a few issues I have seen with the Xbox Closed Beta so far (playing on One X).

*Some connectivity issues.
*Occasional hard lock.
*Frame rate taking a dive when being blasted in the face by flamer rat.
*Dodgy clipping (here to stay unfortunately) .

I would say that 80% of the time the game runs absolutely fine technically.

I did have a game crash on the farm when you unlock the barn to fight the boss. The guy clipped through the doors and fought us after we unlocked the door. But then after it was dead the doors were still shut. We had to jump in the water just to get our loss XP.

The barn doors on that stage seem to not work very well. Sometimes you can clip right through them to fight the guys on the other side before you’ve finished the boss fight that opens them.

I’m on the Xbox One X (not sure if that makes a difference) but I notice that hallways and windows inside buildings show the outside light, then when you get closer it draws the wall behind the interior window or the rest of the hallway. Besides these things the game plays pretty well. I don’t see much frame rate drop on the One X at all.

Ah yes, you are quite correct with the barn doors being buggy as hell. I must have played the map 20+ times, and it’s only worked fluidly about 4 times.

Glad to hear that yall on Xbox got the beta. Hopefully us playstation folks get in on the fun soon.

It’s a really fun game, though still a bit buggy as they work on it. I hope we get to keep our progress from the beta. They haven’t said if we will or not. I have a buddy that’s already level 30-40 for a couple of his characters, and that’s after putting in 600 hours on the PC version! He just started over to play with a couple of us console buddies that don’t have PCs that can run the game.

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