Considering Weave For Causal Players

But if fatshark listen to us, we can make weave friendly to casual players. At least in my opinion.

  1. Don’t reset season 1

Casual players don’t have much time to play weave till 120 within 3month.
Cata tier 1 is already hard to them, Cata tier 2 & 3 too.
If season 1 is not removed after new season, someday they can approach weave 120.
This is just my thinking but i think portrait reward should be accessible to everyone if they try hard.

  1. Transfer enemy damage hidden buff to 121-160 from 91-160.

From this docs, we know that there is hidden enemy damage buff each weave on 91 ~ 160.
From my experience, Trash mobs on weave 100+ kill you no matter how many of them targeting you.
I don’t insist this because i can’t beat it, i just can’t get players around my country because of damage buff.
My vacation is over, other guys i did weave together need to work for their lives, too.
So, even playing weave for 30min ~ 1hr is too hard on this week.
Also, i met many players who want portrait but damage buff prevents them from playing Weave.
For casual players, 91 - 120 damage buff should be removed.
For Leaderboard chasers, 121 - 160 is enough for them.
Fatshark should not forget that this is PVE game. We don’t play Vermintide 2 for competition.
Competition is enough on real life already… let us enjoy.
  1. Release Weave weapon skin on specific weave clear

Weave skin is so cool. many of them is fantastic but there is no way to use them outside weave.
If fatshark let us get weave skin by playing weave, casual players will try Weave.
By this, they notice weave is fun and their desire makes tham play weave for higher stage.

  1. Rewarding Legend Vault on Cata Tier Weave
    Cata tier weave requires 15~20 min per one game except few stage.
    I think, rewarding it will attracts both casual players and heavy players.

I wish Fatshark read this and put this on patch…


^^ This very much so.

Maybe if they want to keep seasonal resets they could make it opt-in after season 1 ends to be able to appear on leaderboards for the next season.

… I feel like you’re entirely missing my point and just yelling at me for no reason because you read the one sentence where I called Fatshark a “small indie developer” and then you felt like responding “well ACKSHUALLY there’s a lot of smaller developers” which is a stupid argument to have and you’re literally ignoring 90% of the things I’m saying, so you’re starting to irritate me.

So, stop talking to me unless you actually feel like responding to the content I posted instead of picking a sentence at random to respond to.

Actually just leave me alone entirely.

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Also, first of all, let us play with our friends.
If you want people to play the weaves you should let us host them. Make the system friendlier, as it is it’s horrible: no friends unless they payed 20$, no bots, virtually no queue

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