Some concerns from casual player

I’m pretty casual vermintide player (around 120 hours ingame time) I usually play with 2 of my friends. We pretty much always play together. When we heard about new “expansion” we were pretty hyped thinking smth like “Let’s buy all dlc that we missed and get 50 or in good scenario 100+ hours of awesome gameplay”

But what will we get if we buy the expanshion/dlc now?

  • Couple new weapons? That’s pretty meh.

  • Chance to relearn the game?(I personally suck at the game but i still were able to play on legend) My character were fine tuned to fit my playstyle which is usually pretty weird and not efficient at all but i enjoy it. That’s actually not even “meh” that’s awful. ( I cant even imagine what other people feel that played the game to perfect their mechanics)

  • Weaves or whatever they are called. It sounded exciting at first before i learned that you need to regrind everything. And it’s even seasonal. You know at least for me and my friends we enjoy different kind of games together and revisit old games we played from time to time V1 was pretty good example of that. We could get back to it anytime and enjoy the game. Now what does V2 provide to us? Hours of boring mandatory grind? Sure… Let’s imagine we played weaves to some extent and after that some new game with coop came out and we went to play it. (3 or smth month later) Okay we finished with that game let’s get back to Vermintide2. Oh, hi guys, welcome back now regring everything. Well weave weapons look cool. But what of it if i’ll never be able to get them? So weaves - completely pointless for me.

  • Beast man? It’s okay i guess.

    I honestly don’t understand what auditory this expansion targets. It’s bad for casual players. I heard a lot of bad stuff from players who played this game a lot. I honestly feel like FS tries to turn V2 in some kind of currently “popular” live service game. But you know this grindy live service games is grindy(seasonal) because they try to push some micro transactions crap to players not because mindless grind is fun.

    As i result. Even if i liked V2 when i played it i don’t see any good reason to play the game (Cool cosmetics that you cant have couse you dont want to be stuck in mindless time sink) And not enough basic content to justify “expansion” status of this dlc.


I have tons of hour on V2… and I still agree with you. The dlc adds one only maps and five weapons (less than the previous smaller dlc). And it splits the community locking the endgame behind $$$. Just beastmen are ok (but they must be tuned).

The game is heavily changed, and the majority hate it.

I would like to see more maps/weapons (in order to worth the price) but Cataclysm free.

Weaves? I will be rude, but imho they are “time wasted” that they could have invest in an other way. Moreover they split the community.


It honestly keeps suprising me how people keep saying this patch made Vermintide a completely different game, and how old muscle memory is suddenly completely wrong, and how they suddenly habe to play on lower difficulties. Yes; the way to deal optimal damage has changed a little, and if you don’t do anything but dodge and slash enemies could take an extra strike on the same difficulty level, but the game really hasn’t changed that much in a fundamental sense… Apply weapon to enemy, dodge and block not to get hit, push for control… It really isn’t that changed at all…

Maybe the difficulty is more in being out of practice after not playing a while? Or needing to get used to beastmen?

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It’s kinda hard to explain feeling. Like you know when you try to rewatch some very old film from your childhood. It’s still the same film but it somehow feels different. And this subtle feeling is pretty frustrating for me. I didn’t mean they changed everything so much that it’s impossible to adjust. I just really really hate to feel like that,

Well, in your example the childhood film is unchanged, but the feeling is different all the same.

I played pretty much non-stop since release of V2, through all the Betas, and up to now. I must admit that some things definitely feel different, and that could explain your feeling. But gameplay wise, in the current iteration, it isn’t as fundamentally different as some people would like you to believe. Play a few rounds more, and when you get used it will still feel pretty much like Vermintide has always felt, essentially.

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You are probably right but sadly it’s not my main concern.

Shield for kerillian and throwing axes for bardin are really game changing, siena’s flail is must have, and spears for kruber and saltz are fresh and fun.

Learn something new is always great and rewarding especially in something you really like. New stagger mechanic is good. Now enemies look more dangerous, team work is needed. I remember times before WoM when even on legend gameplay was lame race for green circles, solo-warriors and slash-and-dash with no builds variety.

It is called “play the game” not the grind. Before WoM we all “grind” red items on lvl 30 legend same levels over and over. As for me i have no difference which weapon i slash through weaves. Even if they give me wooden stick and bare hands it would be fun and challenging anyway.

I guess for people who like Vermintide for its great atmosphere, warhammer lore, brutality, challenge, intense gameplay, U5 chattering, sound design. After all price of the game is not so high in account 1$ for 1 hour of gameplay.


If weaves and the rewards for them would stay i would call it “play the game”. Seasonal stuff is non competitive game is usually just plain grind. Which is exactly that.

Depends on perspective. I picked the spear and long bow on Keri and played all my 120 hours with them only.

Aren’t you contradict yourself? If it’s lame race that means you pretty much can use any build that you like. So why not use any build that you like?

How does this relate to erasing progress every 3 months? Does it have anything to do with lore/brutality and stuff? If weaves weren’t seasonal i would not even create this post. Couse i would be just casually playing the game with my friends over the year. I didn’t call myself casual vermintide player for nothing.

Source of majority hate? Because I see only few shouting with rage players.

Old beta section… current poll… many threads…

For reference, current polling is here: WoM Community Poll

For progress stay there is ordinary mod with maps. In weaves you have progress but for a limited time, like in thousand fun games. Like football or hockey leagues in real life. Why even you need your weaves stuff forever? The concept of weaves is different than normal maps. It’s intense challenge to complete goal with limited resources.

How can you talk about new weapons if you play only with spear? Every other weapon that was in game will be new and not-needed for you.

There were useless builds and game was like walking simulator where other teammates run ahead slashing with attack speed and crits everything and you just walk behind with shield sadly.

Just play casualy in maps mode. Weaves also has lore, brutality, warhammer atmosphere, and you can try different weapons and places too.

Hope you can try to play and enjoy game less bothering about greedy-progress-staying-staff-forever.

I dont try to say that new weapons are bad. I just said it’s irrelevant for me. And not so important for my friends.

Welp it’s pub game experience i think. I play only private game with friends so we got a lot of room for pretty weird stuff.

It’s not mostly about greed. (That’s too ofc) We can play play for week or two than make a pause for a couple of months. Be it other game/family/work or whatever happens in life. My main point was that there is nothing really compelling for me as casual player and i heard a lot of complains from hardcore players. If one part of community be it casual or hardcore said best patch ever i won’t be bothered cause it’s just not patch for me. But both sides of community have some beef with the patch/dlc.

with like 300 votes? and 4k players is each day? Hmmm thats for sure its something

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Here’s at least some positive news for you, the plan is for season resets to be an optional thing. No idea how they’re going about it, but you should be able to keep your weave stuff if that’s what you want.

I write about objective facts, the only ones we can see.

Noone can know the entire community opinions, but on forum there are the most expert players, with tons of hours and a premade: I bet that if we saw an hypothetical entire community poll, we would see more dislike.


Looking purely at the facts: The day the sale and WoM early access began it was more like ~10k players actually. Since then it’s climbed to 13k peak daily players and is climbing higher, based on Steam charts/looking at the Steam stats on the store. In that regard it’s looking good, better than the last sale even in terms of how quickly that number went up.

What happens in a few weeks time is anybody’s guess.

At this point we won’t know for certain what the general reception is until things have calmed down - the Steam reviews for WoM aren’t even in yet - but overall it could go either way in the months ahead. The recent reviews on Steam are down to 50% from 77% or so however.

In terms of impressions: based on reddit, Steam and these forums (both during the previous betas and now), I get the impression the reception is a lot more mixed among existing players than it was say toward the BBB, where iirc a handful of people were angry but the majority thought the balance changes there were the right thing to do. This time it’s a lot more divided.


I would say the new weapons are meh, if they are not the ones that would more suit your own playstyle, like you mentioned you had an affinity for a certain subclass, it might be the same for people with the new weapons as well. (As long as the old weapons are on par with the new ones, so that people who had affinity with one of the old weapons can do the same).

The relearning curve will probably be harder for those that play very little or those who spent a lot of hours in the base game and are stuck in the old ways.

The fact that you have to re:earn the same stuff that you already have, with the weave gear and the talent tree is probably something that is not fun for anyone. They had the chance to actually change the weave gear stat/traits to something new and unique instead of going for the old stats.

The Grindy feeling of playing the Game, IS only if you feel like you have to play for the rewards, If you play with the mindset of having fun, it won’t feel like you are wasting your time in the casino, because you don’t really care for the rewards (I do agree however that the rewardsystem to timespent ratio could be improved upon).

To be fair, man, a whole lot more changed than just adding the new stagger mechanic or even dodge changes.

It got overlooked a lot in the fuss over other bigger issues, but enemies got a tweak and overhaul to their behaviour and timings, and are generally more aggressive. Despite it being scaled back in 2.03, I think enemies are more resilient to stagger. Elites were added to horde waves in higher difficulties, and finales now scale, too. And enemy health wasn’t changed “10%” across the board, some had as much as a 76% health increase, while many others had a 30% increase. And balance changes could easily make it so that a player feels they are swinging a wet noodle at enemies. Trying to use Kerillian’s Spear now feels as bad as when the game launched - worse, really, since now there are more elites that it barely does any damage to. Can’t just push-attack in complete safety as before.

I am not on board the train of it being too hard now - I felt that Legend before was a cake-walk, but these are a lot of changes in general.

Especially for more casual players, these are gonna make things feel much more “off” than before.


Not really. I jumped on to the DLC almost immediately, and this was immediately after having gotten almost 200hrs of play in over the last month - I was up to playing Legend and doing pretty well, and then suddenly I was getting downed in seconds every run.

The core gameplay changed dramatically for those who were used to the previous mechanics. Is it possible to relearn the game? Sure. Is that what everyone wanted? Doesn’t seem like it.

Patch 2.0.3 seems to have reverted at least some of the changes (although I’m only able to play on Modded Realm at the moment, which gives me less of a reason to want to play if I have no progression) which makes it easier to manage the transition - but it was still a significant shock to the core mechanics.