Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release

Woes Since 3.4 Patch:

I noticed a pause in animation every 5 seconds or so, making games extremely frustrating. I initially thought it was due to changes in my setup being visual but I get steady fps. When players join my lobby (using host your own game mod) they have high pings and I notice lag spikes more. Some players complain of the lag… When I join others my ping is high but stable and these spikes aren’t visible and the game is playable again. I also noticed a change to my lobby browser it seems to default to Far not Nearst which I thought was strange and maybe linked to the issues I have been getting…

console-2021-01-20-16.58.16-022920ac-f9cb-48ce-b553-50f752927737.log (280.6 KB)
console-2021-01-20-17.32.13-6f22b521-d551-4d4c-9e23-e596a58d8c25.log (256.5 KB)
console-2021-01-20-16.59.54-fb67b8cc-e2ca-4e05-ae1f-e11acc6e5113.log (1.4 MB)

Region: United Kingdom
Download Region: UK - London currently
( I swapped from UK - Manchester a week or so ago to see if anything changed… it didn’t)

I’ve been experiencing a lot of disconnects since Engineer update was released.
I must admit, I experienced them before, but the problem was in my really old router which had been replaced with a new one and everything’d been alright after that.
But right now I can’t even play with other people properly, it’s such a gamble of disconnects.
Here’s my most recent console log (it contains information about a lost connection, I checked):
console-2021-01-20-21.27.07-f895fa91-c779-41b5-8158-542692ebe728.log (886.8 KB)
My region is Moscow Region.
My download region is “Russia - Moscow”, the closest one.
Also, here’s the video of probably the fastest disconnect I’ve ever had. Usually everything around me teleports for some time and then I return to lobby, but this one was like “Boom! Get back to the keep!”:
Was it me? Was it host (ping was around 120, not the best, but stable)? Should I change any settings? I don’t know.
P.S. Is there any other information I can provide?

Sorry for the delay all. I’ve been hesitant to say anything until we had confirmation, and I wish I could say “this will be resolved by -insert date here-” but it’s no secret we’re having a particularly hard time solving this.

With that in mind, the plan is to patch next week with additional telemetry capture so our developers can identify where and how exactly these connections are breaking down. What we have in place at current isn’t quite enough to diagnose an issue this complex.

I (and Lev, and Hedge) will do all we can to support our developers in solving this and provide regular updates to the community explaining where we’re at on this issue. I know blanket PR apologies are of no use here, actions speak louder than words and whatnot, but we really do apologise that this has been an issue for so long. :frowning:


Big hopes for improvements. Can’t wait to resume playing normally with people I’ve played before ping issues.

Anything we can do more? Or just the usual logs and play the heck out of Vermintide when you’ve implemented the new Telemetry capture?

Turns out the telemetry will need to be enabled manually in the user_settings.config. We’ll explain how on patch day, it’ll only take a minute! Otherwise, yes please play the hell out of it. :slight_smile:


Everything that this fella just said had been independently brought up by every player in my friend group, half of which are no longer playing. Again.

My region is Moscow too, but i do not have this issue
Can You add you PC build?

I know you mentioned this wasn’t necessary in the 4.1.1 thread, but I found that there was a new user_settings.config flag added (write_network_debug_output_to_log) and was wondering if this was intentionally not mentioned? Enabling it reveals a lot more about the connections in the console logs.

'Tis intentional, it’s not something we require right now!

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Quick update to say the telemetry has produced some interesting data and we’re back in contact with Valve to discuss what can be done.


Odd. I can’t complain anymore because I had no disconnects whatsoever this week.

I did have a lot of disconnects before the last update tho…

*Its not only about disconnection issues its also about high pings that we’re still getting to this very day.
*Even before this patch there were and are people like u that don’t have this issue what so ever
*For me and my friends and many others ping has increased a lot since 3.4 (used to be below 80 now its above 160) and hasn’t changed yet , even gotten worse since the telemetry patch.


Can we get more insight into whats going on with Steam services lately and how exactly Steam can interfere with p2p networking. I know for fact there’s no way to bypass Steam, theres no such thing as Steam Offline mod implemented for this game, I already tried to rull it out with custom mod without success. My main concern is, if I have unstable connection to Steam services that this game depends on may I have network lags as a host. Glitchy mess I experience even more often lately would make a lot of sence in that case.

Please note, video is taken even before update, experience is same on official realm with bots or me hosting for friends. Got worse with latest update. You can probably do no much for some unlucky guys like myself living in more isolated regions with unstable Steam conn. But theres still hope for more efficient handling of Steam related issues plaguing online experiences, steam offline mod. No mater what, this game is absolute masterpiece <3, shame I cant enjoy it as much lately


Just wanted to share another video, online experience this time, friend hosting game. Out of sync with host, dummy all over the place only for me, elf have no troubles to headshot it.

Everybody complained that whenever I join game feels off. Is that the case? Is it even possible for one guy with network issues to take down entire lobby or just ruin exerience for few of em? Maybe this is off topic, sorry. Just trying to share my personal experiences and uncover clues that lead to some common problems ppl encounter online in pub lobbies. Yesterday got booted back to keep 3 times whenewer i tried to join friends game. Thing is elf dced same time as me. I feel like its my responsibility, if thats the case flag me as lagger and dont let ppl like me ruin other’s experiences or just handle networking issues better. Would be glad to help more, let me know if u need any more info
console-2021-02-04-20.23.44-43929e90-a197-4ff2-83c4-d9b8fad96ee4.log (2.0 MB)

To be fair this dummy thing probably happens b̶e̶c̶a̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶i̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶u̶n̶t̶e̶d because the chest in the middle might be there for one player that has chests to open and the other player doesn’t, so he places the dummy here, but the chest on your part is there, so it creates this weird out of sync situation for the dummy. It wants to stay here like it should for one player, but in your case there’s a chest, so it’s really confused.

Though I agree with everything said about overall ping/connection issues. While the game was not perfect before that Steam update, current state of things is that game is hardly playable, especially if we’re talking about Cata+ content where taking hits because the game didn’t register your block in 2 seconds is not something you can take that often.


Yeah that sounds pretty rough

so as far as i can tell the disconnects don’t happen as often anymore luckily, but heavy lag is still an issue :confused: i hope it’s not going to stay like this forever. thanks valve i guess.

Me neither, had no disconnect error message in a while. Game is stable at least for me but feels very laggy, very off, barely playable.

This dont feel like 40-100 ping, everything captured same day. We need more advanced in-game ping system. Logged network activity, only thing active at time of recording Steam Bootstraper and game client. Cant help myself, trying to stay away from game, but somehow always ending up suffering in it

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The first vid isnt you lagging, that´s the host lagging or having PC problems.

Second is a pathing bug.

Third is also a bug.

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