Connectivity Lost - While playing and Opening rewards


I am experiencing a connectivity issue especially while opening chests. There has been a constant loss of connectivity while playing online with friends or solo! I keep getting the error “There was a problem connecting to the game servers. Please verify the game connectivity or try again later”
I’ve tried the solutions in the FAQs, validating the game files through steam, changing DNS, flushing DNS, reinstalling the game. Yet this issue persists!

Please provide me a solution!
console-2019-10-22-19.02.22-4a88cb99-9228-4c83-af32-0a8d1c33deff.log (856.3 KB) console-2019-10-22-18.28.18-ba92d841-0a67-41d4-b304-5d0fe0393454.log (471.0 KB) console-2019-10-22-18.06.46-238a896e-2b12-45dc-87c1-5ea2b4fdc60b.log (260.2 KB)

So we believe some of your issues here are related to a recent backend hiccup we had, and the other appears to be a Steam-related loss of connection which will hopefully be addressed by this in our most recent patch:

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