Completely NEW Costume For Zealot Suggestions (Pictures)

Suggest with images

Fox Example if they Could add more Metal armor for Zealot that would be nice , Something like this…

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Yeee… Nice warrior priest, but his appearance significantly differs from the appearance of the flagellant/zealot who looks like…:

This looks more like a Beggar … lmao

That’s the point, though zealots aren’t exactly as far gone as flagellants are.

Well that kinda sucks

All I know is I would love different skins for Zealot, as his default one is very uninspiring… Hell, he does not even have any hats or hoods, just circlets and marks on his forhead that no one will see.

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There actually is a hood in the game files and FS uses it on the official site as well as trading cards.

But well we all know this isn’t happening:


Yeah, bardin would look so cool with it. I still hope they move it. IB could get in its place one of the ranger copy-paste hats, that way they would serve a purpose!


true true

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