Feedback on the new MTX cosmetics

First I want to say; great job on Veteran and Psyker!

I especially love the new vest on my Veteran and I even liked the Psyker’s top although I am not a fan of Fatshark constantly adding strange tubes to Psyker’s outfits.

What I do not like though is that Zealot got yet ANOTHER “hooded robed priest” outfit. I mean common… how many of those do we have now for the Zealot?

It’s really time to design something else for Zealot.

The Drill Abbes outfit was a step in the correct direction for me, but just… stop with the hooded robes.


For the Zealot:

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The armor on the 2nd picture is already in the game. You can check it out with the Fashion Randomizer mod, and it will probably be coming to the MTX store in the future. The flamer is ridiculously awesome though!

I just wish for more “necromunda” (hiver) styles and less boring potato sacks for the Zealot.

Veteran got it really good with the Vest.

Overall I feel that Fatshark need to do less table-top styles outfits.

While they look really good on miniatures, but our rejects are not plastic miniatures and a lot of the styles just doesn’t translate over well when it has to look more “believable” .


I just want a big book for the zealot as a backpack and cosmetic that will allow me to show off my body tattoos (similar to the bugged one).




There are big book backpacks in the game viewable by the Fashion Randomizer mod.

You just gotta wait until they rotate them into the store.


Yeah, I cannot wait for the Carapace looking armor for the vet to rotate in. The one with the arm computer and the helmet mounted flashlight ( which probably won’t work, but oh well, a guy can dream :smiley: )

Also, I too would like them to bring back the bare torso, possibly with the prisoner belt w. chains.
And, OK, maybe a chest wrap or something for the female model, the Munitorium Issue top looks waaay too clean for most costumes :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I didn’t really like that individual item prices went up, while a set is still 2400 A if you check inside (chest 1400->1600, legs 900->1100 etc.) Given that these items were in-game practically at release … it does not sit that well for me.


I love new sets or MTX for all classes except Zealot. Zealot’s new set is just eh.

I wonder if new Vet’s and Psyker’s prosthetic legs produce a different sound than a regular boot when running/walking. That’d be awesome.

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there is so much clipping i wouldnt even buy them if they looked 10x better

For me the ogryn is the one that takes the cake. Finally something that makes him look like the big unstoppable hunk of armored steel that he is supposed to be.

Now I just need a big ass two-hander to go with it. Literally any big two-handed weapon will do. Come on Fatshark, make it happen! I’m tired of bull butchers, they might be effective but they look so underwhelming.


Just saw this. Very little QA or just laziness.

I would expect it on quickly made free cosmetics but not a full price premium cosmetic:

There’s a nicer Inq red variant of it (see all in linked big pic) , 2nd from bottom leftmost:


A Kickback cosmetic? Guess I’ll have to get the bundle to not get my arm twisted. I was actually enjoying the desert version of the penance set but deng.

Definetly the one with Flamer Bro. EPIC!

I got the new Ogryn and Vet, but the Ogryn´s Weapon Skin is also realy Great. I hope to see more like that and not just some camo on my blade. We need a full set of the Weapon Cosmetics from the Ogryn as a Theme

Ah man, why show me now i wish they did the red Inquisition one…hahha

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Kickback & Rumbler


My Ogryn is loving it


Zealot doomed to have terrible cosmetics other than the patch 9 sets.

Yeah man this is an Epic one for sure.
Wanna se some Heavy Stubber/ Butcher Knife(Without Camo on Blade just Silver) Cosmetic with this Theme!

We need more Inquistion Themed Cosmetics for Sure, since you know

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I love the new sets. Especially the all white zealot robes. And I couldn’t care less about a little clipping, it means nothing to me. Only problem is the game is so dark that we can’t see player skins well.

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And in DRG the devs reworked their MTX cosmetics and made them nicer because they were afraid that the price was too high for what you get and it was unfair to the players…
I wish fatshark would take some inspiration from them, the MTX prices are so laughably high, especially since individual items cost almost half of the set price, in a set with 5 items, it’s simply so overtly consumer-hostile…
Sure a bundle should be a little bit cheaper than buying everything individually, to give people an incentive to bulk buy and save money, but this is almost like they’re forcing you.
Individual items are so expensive it’s painful.