Compensate for warp charge steals? A lil QoL for psykers

Right now some veterans seem to think every time a psyker targets for BB, that’s a cue to troll and kill steal, losing them the time; making psykers EVEN MORE vulnerable; AND denying them a warp charge- thus their power/defence depending on build. Bad enough the same people will allow gunners everywhere to mince a psyker during this interrupted attack ignoring the kills on gunners they’re supposed to be getting.
Can there be some compensation? Make is so if somebody shoots your BB target, you get the charge and both get the kill?

QoL- Allow force staves share blessings!

Buff Kinetic Shield or add some means of psykers defending against the gunners who can headshot every round through chicken wire which STILL blocks BB and force weapons. This BB block also occurs with waist height fences in some places, which all other weapons including enemies’ can hit you, but you’re left dancing about in the charge animation because what? A pixel of a waist high metal bar allows all but you until you go all the way into the open around a corner? Nah- If ye can SEE it… if it can hit you… you should be able to BB it.

s’all. Enjoying gameplay this update, performance is much better too. :slight_smile:

As long as u at 50% charged even if team kills the enemy, u still get the warp charge.


Against range? Deflector Force Sword is your friend

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Yes this does exist but seems incredibly inconsistent. I almost never see it proc on trash enemies and it still seems highly inconsistent against elites and specials. I don’t know if it’s server issues or there’s just some extra condition I don’t know about. If anyone has info that can clear that up I’d appreciate it.

Deflector force sword overrated honestly. Just BB from cover if you’re that scared of shooters.

Honestly I’ve never used kinetic shield, nor deflector FS and I don’t find shooters that big of an issue on Damn. It’s mostly just positioning and map knowledge to deal with them effectively and safely. Essence harvest can be pretty good for that, since it refreshes the grace period you get when toughness is broken by ranged repeatedly for a while after you BB something. Toughness regen speed on curio is also excellent for this.

They don’t share the same blessing pool so I’m not sure how that would work. Could you elaborate?

I main psyker everytime i play. And i can say for sure that it works but as u mentioned, it is indeed a bit inconsistent. But most of the time it works for me.

Nah bro, it’s not overrated. It had saved me countless time against point blank shotgunners which i was unable to react fast enough to mitigate them before they shoot.
U know, that one enemy that somehow spawn behind u leaving u bamboozled.


Not saying it’s bad or useless, just don’t think it meaningfully defines Psyker meta like some people make out and generally I find I get by without it very fine.

Not only that. It also has the most damage against single target compared to the other weapon. It allows me to deal with muty and carapace.
But yeah, everyone has different build. Personally I like the force sword better than other. Maybe im just a noob to keep rely on force sword

Nah not a noob for liking force sword, I’ve just seen too many bad takes saying it’s the only viable choice or some similar nonsense so I’m bitter about it. It’s a good weapon amongst many good choices.


Should try dueling sword, ok muty damage and you are so zippy fast. I have a deflector/slaughterer FS but whenever I try I’m so slow it hurts. Feel like @alsozara point about positioning is made way easier with it.

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Yeah it is worth noting I’m usually using high mobility weapons like knife or DS, so that’s a good point.

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BB should be instant with a cooldown.

Same result of damage in the 3 second or so window, but front loaded instead. No one can killsteal or troll on purpose, We dont waste peril firing up a BB that didnt land and allows Cerebral Lacerations to actually be useful on things like mutants and Ogryns by letting us zap them as soon as it enters LoS instead of getting the first BB off when its already almost dead from the the rest of the team unloading on it.

Weaving BBs between gunshots, melee or staff blasts becomes a heck of a lot of smoother.
Heck, change the useless staff melee to shoot a BB instead.

Wrack and Ruin, Kinetic Overload and Warp Absorption would become considerably more viable that way too.

Kinetic Barrage would need only modify the effect to reduce cooldown between shots instead of cast speed. Same BBs per 10 second duration, just the first one comes out faster.

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Yeah this is inconsistent then- 100 matches + since patch 4, and I wind up denied warp charges . If it’s supposed to trigger at 50% +, then it’s bugged and doesn’t. Tested through the last 12 Heresy matches to keep an eye on and nope… SOMETIMES the progress bar fills in an instant with the kill steal, giving the illusion it’s reached full charge- but then look at the bottom of the screen to see no warp charge gained.

You can use the right click function of brainburst, if this happens often.
If the target dies while you are charging, just swap target. If you use the right click function, you do not lose the progress in the charge animation and you can fluently swap between locked targets as you want.

That would actually be pretty cool.
A one handed BB that can not be precharged (since it is a special action, not the regular BB cast).

I think it is pretty safe to say, that the current staff special attack is indeed a very “special” attack.

Would actually love if the level 30 talents would change how BB works. One talent could change it to cooldown / direct impact while other could allow it to function relatively as it is. 3rd could be whatever sounds interesting. Maybe something tied to quicken/gun builds.

I mainly play Ogryn, so I’m definatly no expert and I most likely do not run the ‘best’ build, I’m more in testing out what suits me and therefore play at Heresy max atm - do not want to be carried or be a burden to other …
So I think scene is set.

What anoyed me today was, that i tried to rum with “Wrack an Ruin” (as I said, I know it’s not the expert’s choice) but I couldn’t get it through most of times … it’s not about the WC, but about the damaging, which doesn’t happen if you do not end the charge caus of the target being killed by Vet caus he likes shooting blue heads instead of all the other viable targets …

why u need it if u can just pew-pew lightning through the wall XDDD

People who got their range weapon out in dark areas tend to shoot glowing stuff.
And what if you try to BB an Ogryn, but you missed him and got a normal shooters head instead.
Now lets say you see your mistake and stop the BB to start a new try on the Ogryn.
If the other teammates shoot the first target and it dies on one head shot, FINE.
If they do not shoot it because of ‘‘muh KILL STEAL’’(WTF is wrong with you talking about TK in a PVE team game, where you get ZERO extra reward for KILLS?), then it stands there and shoots you or them because they thought you want to kill it with BB.

Oh the Vets took your Warp charge…

Ogryns go in ultra slow and clumsy to bind the elite that is out of team coherency, just to have a Zealot or Vet delete said elite right before the Ogryn reaches it. Now the Ogryn stands there and feels unwanted and sad to be denied his Bonk.

Veteran starts his Volley Fire skill, to open fire at the now highlighted enemy shooters, just to be blinded by the Zealot flamer, that starts engulfing the Poxwalkers infront of the shooters. Veteran looses his sight on the Shooters and has his Ult on FULL Cooldown.

Zealot wants to Flame up a nice tight formation of mixed enemies. Just to witness his Ogryn teammate charge his Ult right into that formation, faster then the Zealot could pack out his flamer and dividing said tight formation like Moses the red sea.

It is a squad game. If your teammates play stupid games, you win stupid prices. Everyone does stupid moves and decisions from time to time in this game. But if you play PUG and not use the Chat or Voice com to tell them that you need that Warp Charge, then it sure is not that kind of BIG problem to talk about.
Just use the Coms you have and communicate with your team. Others get their target shot death faster by another teammate too. For a Vet it can mean that he looses his Ult. For a Zealot it can mean loosing health regeneration after ‘‘Untill Death’’ with ‘‘Holy Revenant’’ proced.

If you want to waist BB on targets, that others can oneshot, then it was a not well chosen target. And if you oneshot targets with BB, then you clearly not play on Heresy or damnation. And THAT means, that you not even need that Warp Charge so desperate. Because if you play hardly relied on BB there, you would use ‘‘Cerebral Lacerations’’ and WANT THEM to shoot your BB target, so that THEY do +25% more dmg on it.

BUT if you just want BB to give instant Warp Charge from the start, i can tell you right away it won’t happen. Because THEN it would be actively used as an exploit to keep the Psyker on max charges all the time, by just making them glow for the split second and shoot it right away.

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This is why fatshark against scoreboards lol. Everyone wants to be the main character. xD
In this state, I think psyker is support job not really a killer, but can be if in a pinch (Brain Burst) although quite slow.
But I know, not getting kill is not fun xD

You are just choosing won’t targets idk, i play damnation all the time and never had problems with BB or warp charges…