Community Event F.A.Q

This is the FAQ for the Darktide Community Event starting on 29th May.
Please ask any further questions below!

Enemy Kills:
Kills are simply all enemy kills made by players, multiplied by the difficulty played. Meaning that 1000 kills on the second difficulty will increase the counter by 1000 * 2 = 2000.

Monstrosity kills are kills of the Monstrosities (Beast of Nurgle, Deamonhost, Plague Ogryn, and Chaos Spawn) multiplied by the difficulty played. Meaning that 10 kills on the third difficulty (Malice) will increase the counter by 10 * 3 = 30.

Player mission wins is a difficulty weighted value for individual player wins, not unique missions won. For example if a team of three players complete one mission on the fourth difficulty (Heresy) then the counter is increased by 3 * 4 = 12. Similarly, if a team of four players complete a mission on the fifth difficulty (Damnation), the counter is increased by 4 * 5 = 20. As a result, If we only have full teams running Damnation missions (then a total of 1 000 000 / 20 =) 50 000 unique mission wins would be enough to complete the challenge.

If the goals are reached, when can we expect to have the rewards?
Once the challenge is completed, the launcher and our Social Media will be updated with steps to follow in order to claim the items. Once the player claims the reward, the item can be found in their inventory.

Congratulations Rejects! Ascension Riser 31 will begin to appear on the mission board at approximately 8:00 UTC Friday 2 June


Why isnt the new mission not on the board? Why cant we just pick the mission like in Vermintide?


What was the idea behind locking real content (No cosmetic, like in VT2) behind community events ? More so when we aren’t a large percentage of the community left


Because community event is the equivalent of a friday pizza party in the office… Does not solve the mismanaged fukups in the long run but looks nice in the weekly morale report at the big boss desk.


I somewhat want to see us fail the event, just to see what they will do with the locked map.


How many kills till we can make equipment we want?


The new map is amazing, Music was bangin’ and hordes everywhere, thanks for the content!


@FatsharkCatfish what about removing mission locks for private games?

you can clearly see that current system has a problem, there is a new map or a modifier and players cannot play the new content till it randomly appears

what is the point of content drop, no matter the size of it, if players cannot use the content?


Love the new map.


Will you acknowledge the community opinion on locks and give your actions moving forward IE; Double down or change?


Is there a Deadline for the event completion ? And if so what would happen in the scenario where we don’t complete it for the map ? Will you do what we think ? Or will you still release it


Since this is a blanket community “unlock” event:

  1. Does this mean that if someone does not play and help grindnout the goals, they also get the rewards?

  2. (if #1 is yes)
    What if someone buys the game after the event is over? Will the cosmetics and map (acender 17) be visible for those who where not even in the event?

  3. is the map a limited edition thing that only we who play/own the game at this time have access to, or will this just be a “game” map anyone can play, even those who buy it 2 years from now.

  4. (if #3 is yes)
    What kind of reward is a map everyone gets anyway regardless of if they worked for it or not… That’s just an artificial delayed release wall…
    Can you not give us something better as a final tier reward that is actually meaningful?

If the map will be released anyway, to anyone regardless of if they helped or even owned the game during this event, then you guys should change the end event reward from just a map to something in addition (like a unique weapon or outfit).

Artificially locking core content and having us “unlock it” as a reward, when I payed +70$ for the game… Is a slap in the face…


If you’re unable to play because of the AMD incompatibility bug, will you be locked out of the event rewards?

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I have a suggestion:

Maybe remove the locks and add some additional crafting QoL as the third tier. That would, no joke, probably get people playing during the event.


1 - Yes

2 - The cosmetics are claimable so far for a full month, so if someone buys the game during this time and wants to claim them they can.

3 - The map will be available to all players permanently once it’s unlocked!

4 - It’s available to all as it’s our first event and we wanted as many people to be able to enjoy the content as possible but also to give players a way to work towards a common goal.
As it’s our pilot event we may adapt it going forward to require participation.


Nope! You will still be able to claim the rewards once they are unlocked.

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Having the ability to remove the crafting locks, is quite a big common goal.
Can we somehow work towards that?

I really do not want to beat a dead horse here, but if i have ever seen a community united in one common goal, this would be it.

If the game is to be improved, players need the ability to:

  • select Perks from a catalogue instead of randomly rolling
  • permanently remove locks from Perk slots
  • permanently remove locks from Blessing slots
  • upgrade weapon modifiers (allow everything to go up to 80 or 100)
  • unlock a Blessing of choice for the library

Until this happens, any kind of update will likely not be received very well.


As it is right now, we only see the event progress in the launcher.
While in game, there is nothing that tells us that an event is going on at all (at least i have not seen anything).

It would be nice for future events, if we had a way to track the event progress ingame.
Like a little counter at the top of the mission selection screen.

For sure!
Hopefully we don’t run into these large scale issues in the future while running these events again, but it would be good to have a plan B if we do.


Hey @FatsharkCatfish, is there another way to view the community event tracker aside from the Launcher?

I don’t wanna keep exiting the game to check :grin: