Community Comm-Link 16th March 2023

But no, they would endanger any chance of reaching the peace on Earth if they changed anything in the ineffable design. Fatshark is making such huge sacrifices that we cannot fathom.

Come on, how could they otherwise reach the number of originally announced weapons?

TBH, I prefer quality over quantity so I would have preferred not to have so many weapons (Mks) and just have a selectable options to differentiate it than this, but considering that FS would have probably impemented that as an RNG feature…


Meanwhile Vermintide 2 is actually getting yet another big content update at the end of the month.
At least one of their games is still getting the love and effort it deserves, even if it’s oddly not the new one they just brought out, but whatever…
4 months after release and all darktide has gotten are balance tweaks.
This game needs content, a lot of it, desperately, if it’s gonna survive and thrive.
We’re talking new maps, classes, gamemodes.
Occasional new weapons and mission modifiers aren’t gonna keep people around, maybe they should pull a few from the VT2 content team and set them on DT, that’s where that talent and manpower is needed.


Or, hear me out, instead of all the obvious work that goes into that new content, they just make a simple change to allow locks to be swapped or removed, and then everyone can experiment easily with weapons and modifiers and blessings and calculating break points. Would buy them a lot of time for the content that’s hard to make, and get effective feedback on balancing of weapons and blessings.


Add a reasonably expensive way to get full bars on weapons and shared blessings/perks and there we are, no-one can complain that even with the RNG you are unlikely to get to the red equivalents evantually, but we all know that this is against the ineffable design. So never, ever and not even then.


1st time VT2 get content since DT is out

And Weapon>Maps

This. Absolute facts.
V2? Actually releasing something MASSIVE and 100% worthwhile.


Bruh dt has only been releasing bug fixes and system features
all of which should have been in the game since launch
technically they haven’t released s**t since now
and still what theyre releasing is garbo
especially when compared to v2.

this shouldve been done in the beta

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Everytime I want to play darktide, i come back on this forum and remind myself it’s not worth to waste my time on it.

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What did VT2 get since Darktide came out ?

theyre dropping a new massive update, plus they gave a s**t load of free skins during Christmas, plus there are dirt cheap skins in premium cosmetics store still

what has darktide released that shouldnt have been in the game already?

v2 -map + new skins more worth than a bunch of “new” weapon variants
-old skins, still free ; and free is free

edit:mans tryna muster as much cannon fodder and excuses for dt lol

edit 2: i stand uncorrected, excuses for darktide taking a dump on its community at launch

They are dropping a new map, 1 new set of cosmetic (5 skin in total)

As for the free skin during christmas, those are old skins, they don’t need dev times.

That is not the question, but complaining that VT2 is getting content and saying that Darktide isn’t getting anything is ridiculous, the game released in a bad state, everyone gets that, and they have said that content is getting delayed in favour of fixing the big problems, now we’re seeing the end of the tunnel and are starting to get content, in form of weapons right now but still.

FS f#d up on release, as they have done nearly each time, but they have been working on what is needed in priority and now are starting to release content

long story short, darktide devs is equal if not less than vermintide devs

its both a good look for darktide especially in its current state
and a very bad look for vermintide especially in its current state

imo i choose to think darktide can do better but simply isnt
ie “massive update” at the end of the month isnt actually massive
(plus theyre additionally messing with the can opener blessing, when no one reall melees with a fkin ranged weapon, and theyre definitely messing up other weapons because they have to balance)

edit 1:ffs, a crappy game with crappy devs like league doesnt need to balance out the rest of the champions after a new champion release
The only reason why dt doesnt do that is because they just release and balance everything out later, no actual thought was behind it.

edit 2: but like i said above a good look, them releasing updates constantly is 100% to be expected, its all a mere facade that everyone falls for, only now could we see if the wait is worth it because only now are they releasing something new and unexpected to the game

edit 3: all u have to really do is compare both dt and v2 in its launch state, v2 is passable, dt is 100% abhorrent on launch, so much so that 75k+ players immediately dropped the game in the first week

I love ‘Silent Hill mode’ please incorporate it into random conditions so I don’t have to wait for Global effect to play it (same with the black out one too!)

Keep it up FS! !:zap:

Well, honestly, while we can be happy to see new weapons, I think that there is a problem at adding new weapons when you don’t have debugged the existing one.
I know that the ogryn shovel is bugged, the rashad combat axe is also bugged… I suppose there are several others like that.

Also, how can we know if a reported bug is corrected? there’s a tag to say that it is not a bug, one to say that the bug is verified and added to the list of things to fix, but no tag to say that a bug is fixed.

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they should be doing better
they should have been doing better since beta

VT2 also got a new mission type (Trail of Treachery) while DT was in beta, right before it came out, you are right, sorry for the misleading wording.

What game mode ? Chaos Waste ?

That had been out for quite a while before we even got the 1st beta