Community Comm-Link 16th March 2023

What game mode ? Chaos Waste ?

That had been out for quite a while before we even got the 1st beta

Man I really would like to see some more transparency from FS about what the all important “design intent” of this game is since they seem so dedicated to shoving these unpopular and confusing design decisions down our throats.

Said it before but I’m way more interested in what’s going on behind the scenes at FS than I am in their game at this point.


For the pickup notifications, can you guys also include grimoires and scriptures in there, and also a way to resize the notification itself? The default size is too big imo. Please :slight_smile:


Some real shiz you said there

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or dual melee weapons to go beserk xD

  • Scoreboard pls ( if not like in vermintide, then just show damage dealt,
    stagger dealt ( for the support classes ) , coherency , specials, and perhaps dmg absorped. at least its somthing

  • dual melee weapons ( hope thats in the new pack )

  • a new map for more variety ( and decent haircuts ^^ )

  • elevator has a bug that kills you in some maps if it goes up and you are to close to the door ( was funny actually xD )

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Me too and I would gladly sign an NDA, but I don’t think it’s realistic in any way imaginable. I mean, it would be condensing the decisions and issues of years and years of dozens of people, a lot of whom certainly have differing perspectives.


Where is our:

  • score board
  • general optimizations to improve performance, especially for things like floor effects, like fire and bile (which have been demonstrated to cut performance by more than half (go see performance thread section of forum)).
  • fsr 2.2 update (sorely needed to fix the ghosting, and textur mapping issues due to the game being so high movement and “pop in pop out” type gsmeplay.)
  • new classes (commisar, rattling, other… Something.)
  • Weapons our enemies gets already (where is my veterans sniper, hotshot hellgun or light stunner gun? How about a 2 handed hammer and armor kit for ogryn (at cost of movement speed)?)

So much missing in this “major content update”.

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That’s the simplest solution to everyone complaining about the crafting system without another rework. I maintain that there’s already a desperate need for new maps and enemies and classes. So spend time there. Unlocking blessings and perks would instantly relieve a huge and fundamental pain point in building weapons while retaining quite a lot of RNG.

base stats distribution
base stats quality
base perks requiring expense to re-roll
base blessings requiring reblessing
harvesting other weapons for preferred blessings (one time challenge per weapon type)

Personally I still don’t have more than 1 or 2 level 4 blessings on any weapon type. None are of the ones I would want. All my preffered weapons are rocking level 3 blessings or even level 2 blessings. There’s plenty of RNG still left without locking blessings and perks. MAKE PLAYERS LOVE YOU WITH THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK…(game designers hate him!)


Fully agree… At this point if they ever made a “modded realm” (doubt it with dedicated servers) it would be the first game I exclusively play that. More cosmetic options, score board, better crafting, hell I would probably see new maps and more balance passes faster.

Throne, I would be able to even change my name probably, imagine that!


Feel free to ping me if and when you ever find any kind of mod or exploit that allows solo players to access private mode.

If the devs don’t care to give players access to such a basic feature, then I don’t care to avoid modding or exploiting the game to grant me said feature.