Combined Lobbies Bug / Crash on start up

Issue Summary:

I hit QP and then went to get my kid a juice box, came back and loaded into a lobby. But now I had a bunch of people talking and the other guy in my new lobby could see them as well.

I’ll also add the crash log and console log for the crash on start up just before this happened.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Have a child
2. Get her a juice box
3. Profit?

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[Attach Your Session Console Log]

console-2019-05-30-08.07.33-2d386c9f-911e-44bf-b721-ae8f8b824079.log (545.2 KB)

While I’m here, I might as well throw in the console log from before where I crashed on startup.

console-2019-05-30-08.06.56-29463114-3d1c-45f4-853d-fbf502154c15.log (99.9 KB)

crash_dump-2019-05-30-08.06.56-29463114-3d1c-45f4-853d-fbf502154c15.dmp (511.9 KB)

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You can get this effect manually by qping but breaking off in the last moment, then you get conversations form anoter game in keep.
(the window is really tight dough)


Looks like the Skip Intro mod resulted in the startup crash, so worth keeping in mind if it becomes a more persistent issue. I’ll assume it’s an unlucky one-off.

The other issue you’ve described is on our radar. :slight_smile:

Thank you for reporting.


Yea, I’ve not had it before which is what I found weird. There hasn’t been any updates lately which might have caused a conflict with it. Strange, I wonder what caused it.

@FatsharkJulia I just experienced this multi-lobby bug too a few minutes ago. I joined a lobby through quickplay, but changed my mind as I was joining so I quit to the main menu. (I remember that the game used to prompt to press F10 to cancel, but there is no prompt now and pressing F10 doesn’t work. Maybe this is for another bug report.)

After loading back into the keep, I started a quickplay lobby with myself as the host using the ‘Host Your Own Games’ mod. While I was playing with bots, I noticed that the other lobby players were chatting too.

This bug might have caused their lobby to not allow them to finish their match. (Maybe I was still considered to be in their game?) So this bug might be worse than it appears:

I wasn’t able take a screenshot but one of the players in the other lobby has mentioned that he will just leave due to being stuck.

console-2019-05-31-03.10.49-afe219d3-cfec-439f-8f22-1a327cfe4a76 multi-lobby bug.log (1.3 MB)

Yea, it does bug the maps/loading. You can see the guys in my chat talking about it as well. They got stuck in an endless loading screen into the lobby.

I’m curious, when this bug happened, did the screen pop up to suggest other players. Cause I think that’s what happened to mine.

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