Combat director update ruined malice and under difficulty

The combat director update was wayyy too turned up. I’ve noticed especially on malice and lower diffs, that the insane amount of elites(mainly gunners) makes the game unplayable. 15 matches today on malice and only completed 1(that was almost an L on that one too) Been able to complete most matches with good teamwork on heresy last week. The new hotfix dropped and now I can’t even get halfway through, before I’m looking at the all dead screen. Gunners spawning everywhere, more often than the hordes. One match the first enemies were purely maulers and ragers, coupled with crushers spawning behind us. Whole team died within a minute of the match starting. I like having elites spawn alot for the challenge, but not in this high quantity and high frequency. I was really enjoying the game last week. I’m a new player since this released on xbox, and I’m already sick of getting an entire match worth of heavies spawn right at the beginning, with almost no way to avoid getting deleted immediately.

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I also find we get a lot of gunners lately. Even when we have a dedicated ranged Sharpshooter sometimes he can’t keep up with killing ranged (although we all try to chip in), especially if there are a ton of specials and melee disrupting him. Also I am finding the “spawn behind you” or “really close to you” situation is getting a bit out of hand, but I play exclusively Damnation. I am finding Auric much harder to complete, and I think that’s how it should be for experienced players, but I think Fatshark did not find the right balance for new players yet.

I have had a bomber spawn in front of me behind an object, a room of mobs including a Rager and a Bulwark spawn right in front of me as I entered it in plain line of sight, trappers spawn behind pillars and trap you through geometry. When testing things in solo, I’d hear a sound cue for a horde, I turned around and bam, the ENTIRE horde was already there. As there were no other players, the game just decided that the closest spawn point out of line of sight was behind me.

The spawns really need fixing.

But, until we know whether Fatshark will change the difficulty, I wonder, what timezone are you in? Maybe we could play together and see where you are struggling?

I was doing some testing on lower difficulties and realised how much difference gear made, in some difficulties mobs were just tickling me. It wasn’t skillful play, literally my toughness hardly moved.

If you are just starting out, I am thinking that some lack of experience and gear acquisition problems are occurring. Also what level are you? Gear gets better at 30 but it takes a while to build good gear with the right perks and blessings. How are your curios?

Also do you know if your loadout can deal with Crushers and chonky elites? Or someone in your team? If you play with randoms, do you coordinate weapons? You can see their loadout without mods now. Do you know how to deal with each mob? I know that knowing how to deal with one Rager has limited usefulness if you are trying to deal with 10 at once but it helps.

I think that if Fatshark REALLY wants to make the game increasingly difficult, they should add the ability to exchange mats and/or increase rewards, as higher difficulties give a lot more mats. With an RNG crafting system, this pressures players to play the harder difficulty even when they now would need to relearn how to navigate the new spawns at lower difficulty.

Before someone jumps in, I get it that “tHe GaMe CaN bE cOmPlEtEd WiTh WhItEs” although this is not with the average player and I have yet to see it since the new patch. And before you show me a video of someone doing it in patch 15 (eyeroll) showcasing your goldfish attention span, as I said the AVERAGE player can’t do it.

It’s like asking an ordinary person to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


I’ve got a veteran at level 30 and was going ham before the new patch, zealot and ogryn at 17, my psyker with weak gear was my problem, was just way too squishy when randoms just run off so my toughness is non existent. Soon as I hit lvl 25 last night and grabbed a good force sword and trauma staff with modifiers over 300, with better curios, I had no issue. The gunners just shut me down using staffs. Having to mitigate just getting dumped on with no solid dps, due to my build and increased amount of elites with armor/ melee on uprising until almost endgame; knowing I have the mechanics down pat was really making me angry. Several times I would turn around covering the teams back going to the next event room and would witness a trapper/gunner/crusher spawn out of thin air and ping it. Last night there were two gunners left to take out, whole team was down; went to hide and brainburst as I was almost dead too, then bam, seen a third gunner spawn in my face 2 feet to my right immediately shooting. Game over. Poxbursters running in right as you go for revive as a troll is funny/ upsetting at the same time, but the boomy boys are like that.

I found that slapping some gunner resist on my curious really helps dealing with the current gunner spam, i got gunner resist on all my curious atm, might be a bit overkill, but it really does make a difference.

Besides that there is the old positioning thing, try to be aware of where you are and where the nearest cover is. Dont always work when 7 gunners spawn in from nowhere and starts blasting, but you might have more options to play around with besides falling over in a storm of bullets if there is some kind of cover nearby.

And then there is the YOLO approach where you just slide your way into the nearest gunner pack and start swinging in an attempt to get them to stop shooting, bit risky but works a surprising amount of the time.

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My quick fix was just to put all the extra exp perks on the curios, just had to lvl up to where the usuable stuff is in terms of modifiers. New hotfix dropped this morning and they must’ve heard the complaints. Solid teamwork on the match I just completed. Gunners/ shotgunners/ and ragers had more hp as expected from patch 15 notes, but didn’t see NEARLY as many. It feels alot better now. May have spoke too soon, but we’ll see

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