Colector edition bug

Hello,i have a problem with collectors edition … i just bought this and i didnt recive all the rewards that this dlc said that will have… i got no chests no heads for all …so how is this gonna work? cuz i bought something that actualy didnt give me anything and i dont think it’s ok :slight_smile: .

Hi @Swisha,

Could you PM me your Steam profile URL please so I can look into this for you?

Where does it say you get chests and hats?

The store page says it includes the following

  • Official soundtrack
  • Exclusive wallpapers
  • Helmgart Heraldry themed skins (aka a recolor of the starter career’s outfit)
  • Exclusive portrait frame
  • Digital maps
  • Keep decoration
  • One exclusive Heroic Deed
  • 400 Shillings
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Steam Community :: -NBK- here is my steam url

yes well i mean the old outfits like the one for kerilian from first vermintide … how i knew it says that you will get all the clasic outfits for all of them …

You get those if you own the first game, they’re not part of the collectors edition.

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