Got Collector's Edition a few weeks ago and still do not have the skins that come with it

As per the store page, the Collector’s Edition comes with:

The Collector’s Edition Upgrade includes

  • Official soundtrack

  • Exclusive wallpapers

*** Helmgart Heraldry themed skins

  • Exclusive portrait frame

  • Digital maps

  • Keep decoration

  • One exclusive heroic deed

I still have not received said skins and it’s been many weeks now. Can Fatshark please resolve this already!?

Just to be very precise about this, you mean these skins;

  • Mercenary: Helmgart Hireling

  • Ranger Veteran: Helmgart Karakiklad

  • Waystalker: Helmgart Sentinel

  • Witch Hunter Captain: Helmgart’s Redeemer

  • Battle Wizard: Helmgart Maven

You are missing those 5?

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Are you playing on Xbox?

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I’m on Steam/PC

Yes the green colored skins and Sienna’s Red/Black/White skin (I really like that one)

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