Coincidences that seemingly imply non human archetype/subclass is possible

Idk why but it felt odd when looking over the imperial edition storepage to see “Human characters only” in the bottom right of the image (might be paraphrasing but its there)

Considering we are strike teams made up of expendable rejects, it wouldnt shock me to see potential xenos or just non-human in general be playable, explained as big hat man using them as tools

5 slots for characters despite only 4 archetypes, small text on imperial edition saying humans only, and the setting allows for it to be possible, this is basically an advanced shower thought with coincidences backing it up

I think that mean not for the abhuman like the ogryn, but I’m kind of expecting a ratling soon after launch with how much some caracters like to speak of their sniping talents.

I considered that possibility as well for the ogryn, but it couldnt be it since the ogryn has cosmetics in the pack, meaning that “Human characters only” was including him, my main reason for thinking it could be non-humans is cause it would be a disclaimer meaning only human characters will have or be able to use the cosmetics in it

Also yeah the loose cannon talks about ratlings outsniping him so often that i wouldnt be shocked if they had something in the future, tho to be fair it would clash heavily with the sharpshooter in terms of what role they play

the “human only” mention is only about the cadian backpack (the ** item) which might not be sized for the bug guy.