Class specific traits/trinkets/modifiers

How about some class specific traits on trinkets/charms/necklaces? I think they could diversify our experience and offer new playstyles without being too much work for Fatshark.

In Detail:

I’m suggesting Traits on the non-visible equipment items, from hereon just called ‘trinkets’, that specifically benefit a single class, potentially with an attached drawback.
This could just be traits on trinkets that are only useful to certain classes, or it could be an actual class-specific trinket that can roll either only those traits, or all common ones + some class-specific ones.

The current classes are specific permutations of certain ‘roles’ or concepts of character archetypes, a mix of what the character was in VT1 and a role that may or may not be very close to that original character.
There are countless other options to reach this role, or other roles not in the game, that Fatshark chose not to realize, and I assume in some cases they just had to choose, to create a limited and memorable set of distinctive characters.
Currently, there’s very limited trait choices for each trinket slot, and I believe some of those options could be realized as traits to allow us to customize our experience further. Those traits, if implemented as such, would require no new animations, barely any new (2D) graphics, and would mostly consist of easily changed numbers.

This is obviously up to Fatshark, but the choices if choosing to implement something like this are

  • A) Traits that help some classes more than others vs. Class-Specific Traits on common trinkets vs. Class-Specific trinkets
  • B) Just different bonuses or ‘Mutators’ (Strong bonuses with attached drawbacks)

I’m personally in favour of class-specific trinkets to ease the expected worries that trait rerolling would become a hassle due to more options you can’t use on your chosen character. It does have the disadvantage of requiring at least 5 new icons + descriptions, though.
I’m also in favour of mutators (I just call them that), because why else would I suggest them? It offers essentially cheap new subclasses as far as playstyle is concerned.

Examples for Illustration:

Normal Trinket Trait, non-class-exclusive:

  • Recover one Ammunition for every two kills with a bomb.
  • Using a bomb increases the range and effect of your auras and team buffs. (Bad example, but being limited to bombs is seriously meh)

Class-Specific Charm Traits:

  • Using a Potion extends the duration of Bardin’s currently active buffs ( active, talents, etc.) by 5 seconds.
  • Using a Potion increases overheat cooldown speed by 150% for 10 seconds.

Class-Specific Necklace Mutator-Traits:

  • -10% hero power, +20 maximum overheat. Raises venting thresholds (after which venting hurts) by 10.
    • 15 maximum health. Lose 1 health every 5 seconds if you’re above 85% health.
      _Guess these wouldn’t necessarily have to go on a necklace.

Thoughts? Prayers? Actual opinions? :slight_smile:


I just think, that there needs to be MUCH more jewelry traits; most of these traits should not be specific for particular jewelry type to allow actual choice and builds; and traits should be chosen for 5 dust, not be randomly rolled, else adding more traits will turn into disaster.

Idk whether some of them will be class specific or something, but why not?

Career-specific Traits would be hard to implement well, I think. Asymmetrical stuff is already hard to balance, and when each one works completely different from each other, and cannot be directly compared, it gets even harder. It would also either have to be one or two traits per career that in some way correspond with each other, so that the same piece can still be equipped on different characters but act differently, which I suspect would be a programming nightmare, or each would have to have its own chance to appear which would a) break crafting and rerolling, and b) clutter your inventory horribly.

Better option would be to fool around with Talents. I’ve already typed a long rant about there being a lot of no-choice and no-pick talent tiers, and building a few completely new ones would likely be the best solution to these in some cases. Besides, there’s still room for level 30 Talents to appear.

Of course, I would love to see some new Traits later on, both on weapons and jewelry, perhaps with the thematic boundaries loosened somewhat. I don’t mean putting a Bomb-related Trait on Necklace (limiting them that way is a good thing in my opinion), but allowing, for example, some generic ones, or at least something beyond Potion effects, on Charm. Yes, I did pick Charm on purpose, as those have no relevance as soon as you pick up a Grimoire, and makes me not care what Trait my Charm has at the moment.

Then again, we need balancing in the Traits too. Necklace Traits have a pretty clear order for which is better than the other, plus Natural Bond as an outlier, Charm ones don’t matter that much even if they are better balanced, and Trinkets give two good Traits and one or two worse ones. New Traits should only come after the old ones are balanced better, in my opinion.

It might make balacing a bit harder, but im always supportive of new traits/talents/build options, and more ways to make a unique playstyle, so sure :smiley: also that overheat trait… yes pls :slight_smile:

Well, the idea here is actually to make balancing as easy as possible IF we assume the intention to add more choices for the players. Creating a whole new subclass is serious work, but a trait on a class specific trinket that just changes 2-3 important variables on a subclass is probably doable. Also easy to change.
… Regarding traits, I wonder if it’s possible to carry multiple of the same potion as a trait?

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Why not? There could easily be a trait, that allowed you carrying potions in a bomb slot.

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