Signature Traits - Efficient Class Design/Development Idea

Signature Traits - special weapons traits for each class
This comes from the combination of two threads I read recently.

1- Discussing the Psyker (Force Sword with Deflector is significant).
2- Asking for unique ammo types for autoguns.

I was thinking that the Force Sword is strong enough even without Deflector and Psyker would be more interesting with Deflector as an option on every weapon. I then realized that this type of design could make every class way more interesting with minimal development effort.

If classes had class specific traits available to otherwise generic weapons, it would allow each class access to more unique playstyles with minimal development effort. These traits would be a little more spicy than normal traits but would be specific to the class.

Some examples,


  • Deflector on all melee weapons


  • Special ammo on Autoguns, Shotguns


  • Life Leach on Mundane Weapons(not dagger)

Ogryn (Ogryn weapons are all unique to begin with but shouldn’t be left out)

  • Toughness regen on Ranged Weapon Special(melee option)

Adding more of these signature traits over time would allow each class to really feel unique.
Subclasses could also benefit from traits introduced this way.

This would also help endgame.
Endgame is currently designed around chasing the perfect weapon with RNG friction so abrasive it hurts.

How about instead of designing/pacing the endgame around perfecting one weapon, you could balance it to encourage experimentation. Make ‘Perfect’ weapons easier to get and shift the focus from “I wanna be the very best” to “Gotta catch em all”.

eg I’ve been loving my Perfect Force Sword but I wonder how a dagger feels with Deflector. Oh it’s great, well lets perfect this Dagger as well. Oh, there’s a new trait in the update… well lets experiment with some more weapons.

This seems to me like an easy way to make classes more unique, provide meaningful content updates and improve endgame with a reasonably limited development investment/scope.