Childhood choices for Pavane seem unsuitable

From the description, Pavane sounds like a sort of recently-settled, low population (relatively), frontier world. However, the choices for childhood there are no different from the hive planets: hive urchin, factory gopher, etc. I guess I was expecting something more in-theme for a half-feral frontier world the way the agri-planet and the shrine worlds had tailor-made childhoods.

And a bit off-topic but it would be nice to view my origin story after creation so I could look back at it from level 30 and marvel at the transition.


Background choices generally seem completely pointless and throwaway, as nothing aside from choosing Cadia as a Veteran has any effect on your character.


Did you hear that I’m from Cadia??? I don’t think you heard that I’m from Cadia. Cadia fell, you know. Cadian surprise coming right up. You abandoned Cadia >:( For Cadia!!! Cadia stands. Cadia


I like Cadia a lot, but I only wanted 1 character with that background. It would be cool if there were other planets with unique voice lines.

In the creator, it mentioned the agri-world dwellers were the brunt of jokes and a few other such things. I guess I was expecting some of that but so far I haven’t heard a thing about any of these other Moebian Domain planets. You’d think there’d be lines like “back on Crucis, we had shrines nicer than this” or “I miss my grox fields” or “it’s strange being so far from water” but so far: nothing.

Yeah overall the character customization doesn’t seem too interesting. You have the 3 voices per class and Cadia, but every other option is basically meaningless.

tHiS oNe’S fOr cAdiA