Barber Shop - Cadia Eyecolor

As a character using the Cadia background I noticed that the Barber Shop doesn’t have the Cadia unique eyecolors.
And now the character got one of the “standard” eyecolors instead and I can’t change them back to the Cadia ones.

Not sure if this is a bug or just simply overlocked that those options aren’t available for people with Cadia background.

Yeah, it’s a bug at the moment, the good news is you can fix it yourself.

Try doing this: Change it to a standard eye color, confirm, exit out of the barber, then go back and change it back to the Cadian option.

I tried what you said and there are still no Cadia colors avaible.
It’s minor but hopefully it’s fixed sooner or later.
Pure Cadia needs his purple eyes.

Unfortunate, I know it’s worked for some people as well as for Psykers to get their glowing eyes back.

Hopefully fixed soon.

Yeah, I had picked Cadia as my home planet, picked Cutthroat voice, then forgot to select the purple eyes. Got excited for barbershop, only for the game to not recognize I was from Cadia and not have the purple eyes :frowning: Hope it gets fixed.

It’s fixed now.
Praise be the Emperor.

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