Make barber change voice as well + shared inventory

Looks like I messed up. I put professional on my cadian vet, and I should have done cut throat.

I see the barber is a thing now. Awesome! Couldn’t change to cut throat. Sad face.

I could I suppose reroll, but with losing my inventory, I’d rather just tough it out. I have a really nice sword and laser rifle.

(Though I did check, and I did find that at least your clothing from penance unlocks still stays if you make a new vet. Since we have five slots, I thought I’d take a look.)


Yeah I would really like more barber choices especially the voice. You only get a voice preview before you are locked in forever in the current model and that feels overly punishing.

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I feel like this will be fix around launch but if not, fun fact if you have Cadia purple eyes and you want to do the glassy eye thing at the barber. Cadia colors aren’t selectable so it just changes them to blue if you finalize without paying attention… second time I had to remake my preacher… first was bc barber can’t change height and I forgot to change it when I made him.

Seeing how a big % of the exact same weapons are used by every class idk why shared inventory isn’t a thing seeing how partial shared inventory was already a thing in V2… but I guess the “higher ups” told fatshark they need to get more player retention in DT.

I agree. I wish the barber could change everything considering it takes about 30-35 hours to get a class up to level 35 if you want to make 1 small change.