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I’ve had this glitch for a year now and don’t know if it’s because of a mod of mine or not. I do believe I used to have it even when my game was completely unmoded also, hence I’m posting to get some thought from you guys. This happens to me at least once per long session (3-4 hours) and rarely two times in that time span.

So essentially, at random, during any mission and I think even while entering the Mourning star, the chat box simply doesn’t work. You can write but it doesn’t let you press enter. You will notice in the screencap that you don’t have your usual channel selection. You’d have the Mourning Star channel or if in a party you could switch to party channel. When this glitch happens you simply aren’t allowed to talk or be talked to. You can’t see any messages or send, and also voice chat doesn’t work in or out. Not even the “Need healing” etc ones work. Players can hear your character saying phrases though, I’ve tested it multiple times inciting people to “For the Emperor”.

The only way to fix this is to close and reopen the game.

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None, it can happen at any point, even mid mission.

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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Often (<75%)

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PC - Steam

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I’ve had this happen when my internet dies.

I think the game has a problem where it fails to actually put you into a chat room.

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I had a suspicion that it may be a mini disconnection of sorts. I have those sometimes but nothing major, as in I can play normally, it’s a 1 second thing at worse so since it happens fairly rarely I may not notice.
Maybe in that time span though the game doesn’t throw me out, it kicks me out of the channels. Who knows…

I also had this issue might have something to do with switching chars before starting missions

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