Characters deleted, FS does nothing

Over the weekend I lost 3 level 30’s, all geared for Heresy+ and today I woke up to an email that said it was basically my fault. No restoration, just “oh yeah, that happened”. This is 200 hours in.

Damn, fight it more man, ask them how they were deleted, even if you deleted them and they can bring them back, they should.

Actually, looking into the backend, it seems your characters were deleted player-side. Our support asked you to check once more in case someone came into your account and deleted them without your knowledge or whether you maybe deleted the wrong characters, so we could check in further. Support’s question to you was genuine, but not blaming.

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you may have deleted a lot of characters over the weekend - could you have deleted the wrong ones possibly?


The tone of the email was pretty accusatory. Furthermore, if someone did gain access to my PC it was not with my consent. The support ticket and my conversation with you indicated that I was pretty upset about logging in and seeing all my characters gone. I would have expected support to inquire about anything that might have happened, but go ahead and restore things since that is obviously the resolution I am looking for since I sure as heck didn’t delete my own characters and certainly didn’t give permission to someone else to delete them.

Also, after the gamepass issue you can understand why I thought that it may have been a technical issue, rather than someone gaining access to my account.

Didn’t sound accusatory to me. Maybe don’t be so sensitive and answer their question.


When you delete something on your account it is your choice and decision.
If they would restore these, I 'd say it would be an exception, definitely not a rule.

We do live in a time where you aren’t allowed to question because that is synonymous with blaming…

I think we should ask MORE questions, not less.

It’s also very easy to answer “No, no one has access except me, nor did I delete them”.
Frankly, when someone avoids answering a simple question the motive starts to get into question…At first I thought it was some error or bug perhaps.

But now it seems more likely that it’s a shared PC and someone deleted them or was deleted on purpose. “My actions are irrelevant, just fix my issue otherwise you are garbage”.

Funny thing is, in my experience, being nice to customer service tends to give me lots more benefits even when I shouldn’t have. Have had companies remove BILLS for my own mistake…


If it’s not a technical issue, than someone gained unauthorized access to the account. Was that my choice and decision? I suppose I could have used a 24 character password. It’s really a moot point to me. The characters are gone, I did not authorize anyone to use my account. So whether it was technical or human if they have the data why not just restore it.

Also, to address the people saying I didn’t answer the question: I did. The support ticket email has an emphatic response that I did not delete my own characters.

Agreed, it should be an exception.

That’s why 2FA is a thing nowadays, use it for god sake. It’s not like hacked account is something new. Got a friend playing dota have practically every arcana in the game that cost like 40 bucks a set and his account literally got hacked and the hacker literally giveaway all of his arcana. You think valve give a sh*t about his account has been hacked? You actually very lucky, they informed you about your account.

I wasn’t informed. I logged in and all my characters were gone. At that point I changed all the security on Steam. 2FA is great, but I move around a ton for work and have had issues with Steam’s mobile authenticator in the past. The last thing I want to do is get locked out of my account while using another device in a different city with nothing to do. Smart? Maybe not, but I need a balance. Again: didn’t authorize anyone to use my account, recent technical issues with deletion, why would I delete three level 30 characters that I had spent time grinding gear on? This information was in the ticket. If they can restore, why not just restore and say it was a 1 time thing or somthing?

If it was technical they might be dealing with a gamebreaking bug for a large group of people. If it was human and you let your friend delete yoru characters they don’t need to exhaust resources into looking into a bug randomly deleting characters. If I was customer support I probably wouldn’t help you just because you’re being a jerk.

The very IDEA that you can delete charactes in a game where you CANT share resources between those characters is assinine lol.
The entire character creation process is stupid as it is set up, and no sane person would delete hours of life just for lolz and bothering the support department

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Sorry man, I do not know you.
I am gonna say somethign that the customer support will never tell you.
I cannot say whether you are honest and as far as I know you may have been intoxicated the whole weekend and messed up your account.
What they could do is check whether is was a server issue, a client bug or actions form your side of the account. Which they did and shared that info.

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You realize steam mobile authenticator wasn’t the only option steam have for you right. You can choose an email to verify your login with one time password as an option.

And that’s precisely the issue. After being told a resolution was forthcoming in 24 hours by a CM I assumed that meant my characters would be restored. I wrote a frustrated post on the forums after the email, the CM then shared a response I was given without adding the entire thread (if you’re going to drop stuff from a private correspondence, drop it all).

Technical or human error if they can restore, why not restore and keep a customer happy? If your logs show it was human… remind people about security and restore. And no, I was not intoxicated over the weekend. I don’t drink or do anything else. I’d lose my job and I’m old.

The question remains, how was it deleted from your account.
What if this happens to you next weekend as well ?
It is fair to ask for restoration of the account from their backup, they will expect a good reasoning for it from you though.
In any case, good luck with resolving the issue.

Because if they do that, other people beside you will do what you did?
Well, the lesson here is treat your every account as if its your bank account lol.
Why is it so hard?


  1. The game requires you to add random people off the Discord to play with, if you don’t have an established group of friends.

  2. I can only imagine that heightens the chances someone tries to gain access to an account.

  3. Someone gains access to an account and, realizing they can’t do much with it because no payment method is on file, they decide to troll a bit.

  4. If someone breaks into your car and steal something… do you question the car owner? Like… why didn’t you park it in a bunker instead of a parking spot?

So, it could totally happen again. Accounts are hacked, compromised and messed with a ton. Doesn’t it make sense to just fix it and advise people that they should be using better security? I’m sure, in the aforementioned car analogy, the cops would advise the person to invest in better security for their vehicle. Insurance would still fix things (somewhat) though.

I’ll add that if anyone else had their account hacked or messed with they would 100% be doing something similar to what I am doing. I don’t think they’d be cool with losing all their progress. Tell me I’m wrong, I’ll call you a liar.