Character portraits - Kerilian Shade & Saltzpyre Bounty hunter - meh

Kerilian Shade - the purple vail avatar looks like a guy with mustache under the vail
I get that she vears the vail and its hard to draw just a head in vail to have some expresion or look like a mistical elf with fairy ligts glowing around :), but every time I see the avatar my first thought is “what class is the purple guy with mustache? oh, right, thats shade…”

Saltzpyre Bounty hunter - the helmet - faceless, no personality, boring, and most importantly, it always makes me confused and I think its the solders portrait. In the heat of battle its not good to heal a solder with green health instead of bleeding witch hunter :slight_smile:
I would love to see somethink more Salty :slight_smile:

The rest of the portratis looks really nice, has good distinctive value and character. Just the two faceless one…

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