Chaos Wastes - unplayable - FPS drops from 80 to 5


Today I’ve downloaded new expansion Chaos Wastes and immadietely played one of the new maps and at the beginning everything was okay, but when I’ve progressed through the maps I had insane FPS drops that made my game unplayable.
I’ve encountered those drops on the open maps with very high rock-idol things with many fiery or some magical particles, when I was looking high into the sky the fps were dropping to 1-5 fps, even when I was looking straight forward I had like 5-15 fps, even when there were no enemies nearby, but when I entered some area with a roof like a cavern or a building, everything was fine and I had 70+ fps again.

Sorry to hear this. It’s potentially related to: Particles Have Huge FPS Drops Despite Lowering Settings

We’re looking in to it!

Edit: Unrelated, but still looking in to it.

It would be very much appreciated if you could add to this post, to help our developers with their investigation: Chaos Wastes Performance Issues - FPS Drops

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