Chaos wastes infinite horde+elites+special bug


So i finally caught this nasty bug and with certainty at that, i got into the map “Foetid Gorge” with the modifiers of angry skulls(khorne) + elites + coins. But what actually awaited inside was literal nonstop hordes right off the bat with elites and specials coming without end ontop.

And the skull spawn rate was abnormal too, felt like every 2-3 enemies killed would drop one which is not how my usual encounters with those have gone at all.

Now i´ve had this thing with modifiers bugging happen a lot of times before but i was never sure about what modifiers were in play, i doubted myself that maybe i had just failed to read properly and a horde modifier was actually there. But not this time.

console-2021-05-13-10.05.16-f83492ae-9593-4e4b-b185-d3b5e237dc23.log (3.8 MB)

Please fix it asap, it´s a real run breaker which sucks a ton in expeditions.

Experienced it earlier as well. It was as awesome as it was punishing.

the first (obvious) time I experienced this bug was nonstop specials + Wargor (banners) to the point that we had about 5 banners in a tiny room and a whole wall of meat in every direction from them.

You can sometimes push past and rush to a new area when the spawner feels bugged, assuming you have the space to move and resources to deal with everything.

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