"Skulls of Wrath" and "+Specials" leading to infinite hordes?


I noticed that combo a total of three times now: On a map with “Skulls of Wrath” and the “+Specials” modifier, there seems to be countless horde waves mixed with elites spawning and the tide was simply too much to handle in both Cataclysm (twice) and Legend (once).

Is it a weird interaction between the two modifiers or is “Skulls of Wrath” increasing the number of waves by itself already?

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Sometimes, especially the first level of Citadel of Eternity, just seem to break and spawn unrealistic amounts of hordes, elites, armor, specials, and pretty much everything but bosses. It’s relentless and the enemies spawn like 3 feet from you behind a corner, so there is never a reprieve. I can’t imagine any of that is intended. I’ve had it happen most frequently on the first level of Citadel of Eternity and it doesn’t seem to matter what modifiers there are.


Had the same problem yesterday with a Citadel run that had -Elites +Monsters with Skaven/Beastmen and as you described also had Skulls of Wrath as the map curse. I wonder when this is gonna get fixed.
I have logs of it, but I don’t remember which logs cause Nvidia overlay wasn’t working.

Its not just with skulls of wrath and specials.

From what i can tell a big problem lies with the hordes+ modifier, it can randomly flip out and then not only is it active at high power nonstop, it also boots up specials&elites+.

But there is also a problem with the first half of the citadel, the one where you run through the citadel halls to reach the second map with the floating square platforms, all the modifiers except bosses like to go extremely haywire.

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