"Endless Horde" modifier increases ALL spawns, including elites, specialists, ambient mobs and monstrosities?

See title. People have been posting about this in the recent past, but it seems like “Endless Hordes” dials up ALL spawns, not only horde frequencies, by an amount that makes the game virtually unplayable on higher difficulties, since it also affects elite and specliast spawns - and apparently, also monsters. Had multiple games on endless hordes recently where not only an unfathomable amount of maulers and enemy ogry spawned, but I had at least two monsters spawn on each map. That’s all fine, but it dials up the difficulty to rather unreasonable levels.


Me and a few friends noticed this while running a Malice map. We had zero breathing room, as every two seconds we got a trapper, mutant, flamer or burster or a horde on top of those.


I dont have much to complain about the increased difficulty of endless spawn, but there seems to be a problem with monster spawns. It already happened three times now that two monster spawned consecutively to each other. We beat one with all the other stuff that spawns during the encounter and then immediatly meet a second one in the next zone, usually without us being able to heal in that time.

Feels weird and shouldnt happen.

I like the difficulty. Two monsters in one map was standard in Vermintide and waves included elites on Cataclysm difficulty. I think trying to lower difficulty with no crafting and this early would be too early. I played some Heresy with endles horde. It was hard but not that bad.


There’s no need for that horde modifier to increase ALL spawns, when Fatshark could just implement other modifiers that increase only elites, monsters, or specials, just like they did in the Chaos Wastes in VT2.
That’s probably already in the works ; we just don’t have it yet because early access.

It does, and I love it. It never gives you a break.

When it works.

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I really like it.

I see it as in-between difficulties with extra reward. A difficulty 2 with increased horde is similar to a difficulty 3, but reduced resistance and hp on enemies. Diffuclty 3 with endless horde is a somewhat lightweight difficulty 4, and so on.

It gets absolutely ridiculous, but that’s the point, a ridiculous challenge if things are getting too easy

Remember right now most of the playerbase walks around with full blue kit, missing about 300 total gear score, and subpar modifiers distribution

That’s not to say everything is perfect but if something has to change it’s definitely on the Feats side with many of them either useless or none functional