Chaos Wastes demo! / The Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is On Now

It’s time to get a demo of the upcoming Chaos Wastes expansion ! What a better moment for it.


Are you asking for a demo is there a beta that was released or…??

I’m asking for it =p

I’m praying for at least an announcement about it to coincide with Geheimnisnacht event, that would be really fun. But I got clickbaited by your title :smiley:

On SteamDB page, yesterday it looks like they added two new DLC packages, SteamDB Unknown App 1443780 and 1443790. Maybe it’s getting close, potentially those are careers if it’s getting split up like GK?


You absolutely right - it looks like new career and cosmetic upgrade for it.

I’m actually not sure they’ll separate the career and the cosmetic again given the negative backlash (yeah because people like to rant about everything :p)

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Or maybe 2 career ?

To salvage 2020

To bring expectations down a little bit, it may just be premium cosmetics too. But I’m holding out hope!

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  • Or the elusives new premium cosmetics
  • Or the elusives new “premium skins”
  • Or the Chaos Wastes DLC
  • Or Halloween themed stuff
  • Or a mix of everything
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out of all those things I hope it is the chaos wastes dlc :grin:

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Or a new character, like the famous CHAMON APPRENTICE. (Gold Wizard)

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Thread title had me excited there for a sec, goddammit.


I don’t mind cosmetics and stuff as long as they never go the Path of Exile route. I know Fatshark doesn’t want to do loot boxes like Overwatch (or so they’ve said). Path of Exile’s prices of cosmetics is absolutely ludicrous and if you want to do anything with the least bit of seriousness, it’d be a joke to play it without having some of the nice stash tab MTX. But to buy an entire armor set for $50-60 is insane. Sometimes you can get 2? Still nuts. But that point made…

Paying for quality cosmetics or DLC’s/expansions is fine as long as it’s done right and with at least a little bit of decency/morality. Anyone remember when they tried to release the blandest Handmaiden helmet for 3,000 shillings? It was a blander and worse version of a helmet she already had. Who would give anything at all for a worse version of something they already own or could acquire at no cost? They have since appeared to have corrected that, but man. That was mind blowing. It didn’t cost real money, but it shows a bit into their perception of that kind of thing at the time.

I think given the history Fatshark has had, they’re quite reserved with sharing anything in any real detail. Whether that be dates, progress, and so on. But yeah, not a bad time to do something if they were fully ready for that.





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Me too, god damn, if they show anything i gonna cream my spongebob squarepants underwear again (this time in the front and for positive reasons)

The world out there is all about cyberprick $3.99 and its probably gonna be a good game, but all my hype is for future v2 content, because i know once i am done with all those new releases i will be back at it, probably before even finishing these games.

I have no hype for Cyberpunk. They are going towards the SJW route and i strongly dislike that. Not to mention, so many features they talked about have been cancelled or cut. It’s just going to be another mediocre AAA game. Curb your expectations, lest you become dissapointed.

As for the two unkown listings on steam, honestly i’d be fine with any new content. That being said, if it is a new career, i hope the second DLC is also a career. It was almost impossible to get into a game as GK when it released. Releasing two careers at the same time would at least alleviate the issue somewhat. Hopefully we find out soon what’s going on, love this game.

I took the time to look through the SteamDB history a bit more to look for a potential release pattern. It looks like the Grail Knight career DLC was added June 04 (1343500 is GK career), cosmetic upgrade added June 08 (1345990), and Grail Knight officially came out with Season 3 on June 23. Again, these could definitely still be cosmetics, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much.


Oh man … i just thank god fatshark doesn’t make pizza, imagine having to wait months to have one.
it’d be a great pizza though, better yet when whoever bought it quits eating you get the whole pizza back from the start.

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