Chaos Wastes: Boons

There are so many things I’d like to rework if I could with each boon, I just had to get it all out in one spot. This is a large chunk of what I feel could be improved in the Chaos Wastes, and many boons just don’t seem to work as intended.

Talent Boons:

Helborg’s Tutelage and Smite
“Every 5 hits grants a guaranteed critical strike. Critical strikes can no longer occur randomly.”

If you get this as a random boon, the 10% mission bonus, and none of the boons that offer critical strike bonuses work. You can expect to get this talent as a boon fairly often, which makes me less inclined to choose Mercenary and Zealot.

Suggestion 1:
The player may still be using these talents, so I think a more preferable solution would be to allow critical strike boons to work with this talent, and if the mission granting a 10% critical strike bonus is completed, then allow random critical strikes to occur at a 10% rate with these talents.

Suggestion 2:
Don’t allow Seer’s Altars to grant this as a random boon because as is, it doesn’t work with several other boons.

Tag Team
“Kruber gains 10% power. The closest ally to Kruber gain 50% damage reduction and 10% increased power. Passive aura no longer affects allies.”

I don’t even know how this talent works when you get it as a boon, but presumably, if you have either of the other two, they don’t work.

Allow the passive aura from Protective Presence to remain in effect when any of Foot Knight’s level 20 talents are given as boons.

Suggestion 2:
If one doesn’t work with the other, I see no reason to allow Seer’s Altars to bestow this boon.

“Backstabs return 1 bolt or arrow. (2 second internal cooldown)”

Much like the boons that have been removed that only worked on ammo-pickup, this talent will do nothing if you don’t have a weapon that uses ammunition.

Do not allow this boon to be given by Seer’s Altars and only have it available at Shrines when the player has a ranged weapon that requires ammunition.

Cloak of Mist
“Infiltrate cooldown reduced by 45%. After leaving stealth gains 100% melee critical strike chance for 4 seconds. No longer grants a damage bonus on attacking.”

This can ruin your playstyle too if you don’t get that damage bonus upon attacking.

If it is granted as a boon, don’t have it remove the damage bonus upon attacking, or just don’t have Seer’s Altars grant it.

“Infiltrate causes Kerillian to blink forward, passing through enemies.”

When you get this, it can ruin the playstyle you utilize with shade and it’s even dangerous near edges.

If no changes are made to the way they function as boons, do not allow Seer’s Altars to grant them as random boons.

Rising Pressure
“Drake Fire damage increases from -80% to 120% and ranged attack speed reduces from 100% to 150% depending on overcharge. Removes overcharge slowdown.”

Often granted when Ironbreaker has no Drakefire weapons.

Suggestion 1:
Ensure that it is only granted when Ironbreaker has a Drakefire weapon.

Suggestion 2:
If no changes are made, then it shouldn’t be granted by Seer’s Altars since it often won’t do anything for a player who has no Drakefire weapon.

A Thousand Cuts and Skull-Splitter
“Wielding one-handed weapons in both slots increases attack speed by 10%. Dual weapons count as one-handed.”
“Wielding two-handed weapons in both slots increases power by 15%.”

If you have one, the other is not in effect. If you have the throwing axes, neither work.

Suggestion 1:
When these talents are granted as a boon, remove the requirements and bump the tier up to Exotic.

Suggestion 2:
If no changes are made to the way these talents function as boons, do not allow Seer’s Altars to grant them as random boons.

Full Head of Steam, Experimental Steam Capacitors, and Superior Gaskets
“Pressure stacks are no longer removed upon reaching full charge or firing the Steam-Assisted Crank Gun (Mk II).”

“Upon reaching 5 stacks of Pressure, Bardin gains 15.0% Power for 10 seconds.”

“Pressure is not lost over time. Each stack of Pressure grants 2.5% Attack Speed. Max stacks reduced by 1.”

One does not work with the other. You can’t reach 5 stacks of pressure to use “Full Head of Steam” if you also have “Superior Gaskets”. “Experimental Steam Capacitors” and “Superior Gaskets” allow the player to get constant ability recharge for the Crank Gun, but I do not think this is a huge problem since many boons are designed to have synergy allowing them to be better worth more together than they would be alone.

When the player has “Full Head of Steam” and “Superior Gaskets”, ensure that “Full Head of Steam” works with 4 stacks of pressure instead of 5.
When the player already has “Experimental Steam Capacitors” or “Superior Gaskets”, ensure that whichever one they don’t have is ramped up to a Veteran tier boon making it more expensive at shrines.

Lingering Flames
“Sienna’s burning effects now last until the affected enemy dies. Burning effects does not stack.”

Even on its own, this talent is not necessarily desirable without a specific build; it has the potential to greatly damage the efficacy of Battle Wizard builds that rely on stacking burning effects. However, it can still Synergize with “Famished Flames” and “Volcanic Force”.

Do not allow this talent to be granted as a boon at Seer’s Altars.

“Fire Walk explosion radius and damage increased. No longer leaves a burning trail.”

This talent isn’t particularly effective, but it can massively reduce the damage output of Battle Wizard players. The burning effects caused by “Fire Walk” are by far the greatest source of damage. This boon essentially is a curse when you get it at a Seer’s Altar or from Be’lakor’s Temple of Shadows.

Do not allow this talent to be granted as a boon at Seer’s Altars or from completing Be’lakor’s Temple of Shadows.

Rare Boons:

Esmeralda’s Solace
2458224546_preview_Esmeralda's Solace
“Reviving a teammate grants both of you health regeneration for 15 seconds.”

Although this can be triggered by talents (On Yer Feet, Mates! / The Comet’s Gift), it still rarely saves the day or has a noticeable effect. It’s only 30HP total. I’d have it last for longer.

2HP every second for 30 seconds and clear wounds when you res someone.

Estreuth’s Abstinence
2458224546_preview_Estreuth's Abstinence
“Taking damage while incapacitated grants you 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds.”

Not a fan of boons that are only triggered upon being downed. There are too many of those.

50% damage reduction for 10 seconds when hit with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Ptra’s Endurance
2458224546_preview_Ptra's Endurance
“Standing still grants you 60% damage reduction.”

It’s actually somewhat useful now since it is significant damage reduction, but it has a slight delay, but I’m never standing still on purpose not to take damage. This is only in effect when cornered, unable to dodge, out of stamina, when downed, or when hit by a disabler that keeps you in one spot.

Just make it 60% damage reduction when disabled and when holding still without a shorter delay to become active.

Ualapt’s Cunning
2458224546_preview_Ualapt's Cunning
“Picking up ammunition grants 15 health.”

This can be abused by Ranger Vet, or it ends up being fairly useless with those who don’t use ammo but still have ranged weapons. Honestly, ammo-pickup boons are not a good idea.

Permanent health on a ranged headshot depending on the damage dealt up to 5hp.

Eldrazor’s Revenge
2458224546_preview_Eldrazor's Revenge
“When your Block is broken you gain 15% Attack Speed for 15 seconds.”

This one is just mediocre. With the Swift Slaying trait, as long as you have a 15% crit chance, you’re often just having 20% more attack speed. This boon doesn’t trigger that often, and it doesn’t make much difference.

20% attack and movement speed bonus for 20 seconds when block is broken.

Khaine’s Thirst
2458224546_preview_Khaine's Thirst
“5% Damage Reduction for every 20 Health lost. Stacks up to 5 times.”

This is more useful than most Veteran Boons and many Exotic Boons.

Make it an Exotic tier boon.

Smednir’s Wealth
2458224546_preview_Smednir's Wealth
“Auto-pickup Pilgrim’s Coins in a 10m radius.”

Feedback: Most of the time, I’m paying close attention to coins, so this is pointless.

Suggestion: How about 10m radius autopickup, and a bonus of 10% more coin to the entire team?

Ranald’s Explosive Surprise
2458224546_preview_Ranald's Explosive Surprise
“When you trigger a barrel explosion, the barrel spawns smaller barrels. These explode after a short time.”

LOL Friendly Fire! Especially with the Slaanesh “Greed is Good” curse causing hexed enemy bubbles to spawn barrels.

All barrels lit by the player with this boon only damage enemies in addition to the original effects, or at the very least, don’t have it be granted by Seer’s Altars.

Myrmidia’s Justice
2458224546_preview_Myrmidia's Justice
“You gain a stack of Justice each time you Block an Attack. Once you have 3 stacks, your next Attack is automatically a Critical Hit and all stacks are lost.”

This doesn’t work with Zealot’s “Smite” Talent or Mercenary’s “Helborg’s Tutelage”, which they can both get from the Seer Altar’s random boon pool.

It shouldn’t conflict or result in ridiculous numbers of critical strikes with "Smite or “Helborg’s Tutelage”. I’d just have it work with them and don’t have it consume the talent’s guaranteed critical, have them stack both together.

Hoeth’s Method
2458224546_preview_Hoeth's Method
“Each Attack that doesn’t causes a Critical Hit adds 5% Critical Chance to the next Attack. These bonuses stack, and reset after making a Critical Hit.”

Powerful boon, better than many Exotic boons and Veteran Boons.

Make it an Exotic tier boon.

Caxuatan’s Boiling Blood
2458224546_preview_Caxuatan's Boiling Blood
“Spawn a Blood Orb for every 10 Health (or Temporary Health) damage taken. Each Blood Orb grants 5 Temporary Health.”

Powerful boon, especially when temporary health becomes permanent health while Miracle of Shallya is active.

Make it an Exotic tier boon at least.

Exotic Boons:

Atharti’s Malice
2458224546_preview_Atharti's Malice
“Damaging enemies with damage over time effects grants 0.25 health.”

Happen to get this one when I have no DOT talents or weapons.

I think that it should be removed from the Seer Altars for random boons or have it not randomly bestow it on a player without any weapons or talents that grant DOT effects.

Caxuatan’s Frenzy
2458224546_preview_Caxuatn's Frenzy
“Taking damage grants you guaranteed critical hits for 3 seconds.”

Under certain circumstances, this boon guarantees critical strikes where it probably shouldn’t. Venting, Slaanesh’s “Baleful Empathy” and Unquenchable Thirst" curses, and friendly fire all cause it to trigger. This makes it easy to exploit and in some cases just an easy way to get near unlimited critical strikes.

Make it so that damage from friendly fire, venting, and from Slaanesh’s “Baleful Empathy” and “Unquenchable Thirst” curses do not trigger it.

Ereth Khial’s Pride
2458224546_preview_Ereth Khial's Pride
“Gain 100 % Power and rapid health regeneration for 10 seconds when all your allies are downed.”

Feedback: 10 seconds is hardly enough to do anything. The health regen amounts to 100 health, which isn’t too shabby, but in situations where this triggers, it’s likely you’re about to go down extremely fast or the last player left and there’s nothing around within the 10 seconds it’s active, but another horde, elites, and several specials are between you and your downed allies right after it wears off.

Suggestion: Have it last for 60 seconds, and/or perhaps move it to Rare instead of Exotic.

Gork’s (or possibly Mork’s) Might
2458224546_preview_Gork's (or possibly Mork's) Might
“Pushing an enemy makes you do a short charge forward.”

At least you don’t have to worry about getting it from Seer’s Altars, but I never buy it from shrines, ever. More like Gork’s (Mork’s) Suicide.

Instead, make it increase push force and push arc by 25% and move it to Rare.

Loec’s Wardance
2458224546_preview_Loec's Wardance
“Gain up to 20 % Attack Speed based on your missing Ability Bar.”

In most cases, this is extremely powerful; effectively giving the player a way to get a lot of attack speed simply by using their ability often.

Make it a Veteran tier boon.

Ranald’s Surprise
2458224546_preview_Ranald's Surprise
“Powder Barrels you ignite deal 300% increased damage.”

Nobody can talk Fatshark out of barrel boons. These are friendly fire issues since. Prior to this boon, the friendly fire from barrels is usually insignificant. The increase in damage makes them more of a liability than an asset.

Suggestion 1:
Make it a Rare tier boon and include that barrels lit by the player with this boon only deal damage to enemies.

Suggestion 2:
At the very least, don’t have Seer’s Altars grant this boon, make it a Rare tier boon, and don’t have the damage increase apply to friendly fire damage.

Shallya’s Rejuvenation
2458224546_preview_Shallya's Rejuvenation
“Regenerate 1 health every 3 seconds.”

Very powerful and it’s quite often combined with other bonuses to healing it becomes extremely powerful. Probably the boon I most look forward to seeing.

Make it a Veteran tier boon.

The Lady of the Lake’s Vigil
2458224546_preview_The Lady of the Lake's Vigil
“When you are above 75 % Health you take of the damage inflicted on nearby allies instead of them.”

I get this mostly as a squishy little ranged career. Also, a squishy character with 100 health won’t be giving the team much (if any) benefit from this since the health pool won’t be large enough to benefit the team.

Probably should not be granted from Seer’s Altars given that (like many boons removed from Seer’s Altars) it can do more harm than good on the wrong player at the wrong time.

Addaioth’s Embrace
2458224546_preview_Addaioth's Embrace
“A halo of fire damages enemies around as long as you are downed.”

This can be abused with Morr’s Protection to allow players to use the downed player as a circle of fire to kill off enemies. Besides that, it isn’t very useful.

Perhaps have it last 30-45 seconds tops and deal more damage.

Stromfels’ Retribution
2458224546_preview_Stromfels' Retribution
“Every 8 seconds, Parrying an Attack triggers a lightning strike against the attacking enemy.”

I like this one, but it isn’t particularly useful. The stagger effect and damage both are very small.

Have it happen up to 3x in 8 seconds and/or increase the stagger and damage amount.

Khsar’s Uplift
2458224546_preview_Khsar's Uplift
“When hanging from a ledge, automatically recover.”

Handy to have given how often you get pushed off of ledges with no say in the matter. However, a push off a ledge is often still a death sentence when you take lots of damage.

Allow players to block and have them automatically block while pulling themselves up.

Veteran Boons:

Geheb’s Brawn
2458224546_preview_Ge_heb's Brawn
“Pushing increases Cleave by 50% for 3 sec.”

Very nice to have, but it doesn’t always do much depending on your weapon. For some weapons, 50% is nowhere near enough to cleave such as the 1H Axe, and others cleave through everything on heavy attacks like the Greatsword and Greathammer.

Make it an Exotic tier boon. Doesn’t seem quite at the Veteran level, though it is powerful.

Khaine’s Fury
2458224546_preview_Khaine's Fury
“While above 50% health, you gain 25% more melee power but deal 3 damage to yourself every swing.”

Getting this as a squishy character is often one of the worst things.

This shouldn’t be awarded automatically from Seer’s Altars or completion of Belakor’s Temple.

Sigmar’s Comet
2458224546_preview_Sigmar's Comet
“Throwing a bomb throws one additional bomb (of the same type).”

This is basically like Hashut’s Echo. I don’t look forward to seeing this boon after Belakor’s Temple, nor would I spend 300 coins on it, unless I’m playing Rager Veteran with the “Ranger’s Parting Gift” talent.

Make it an Exotic tier boon.

Stromfels’ Savagery
2458224546_preview_Stromfels' Savagery
“Killing 10 enemies with melee attacks in quick succession grants 20 % attack speed and movement speed for 10 seconds.”

Not great enough for Veteran, but it is great when you actually have a melee weapon that kills this fast. Does not favor maces and hammers. It tends to be active all the time, or not much at all depending on how fast you’re already capable of killing things.

Maybe lower it to Exotic tier boon or change it to activate after every 10 kills with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Atharti’s Vigour
2458224546_preview_Atharti's Vigour
“Healing an ally with a health pack grants both of you 20% Power for 40 seconds.”

Healing with the pack is often done outside of combat. 20% power isn’t a huge bonus for a Veteran boon and 40 seconds means just as the next horde is coming, this is wearing off. That said, I have seen the duplication boon with this one come in handy, but it’s silly.

Make it grant 20% power to both you and the ally healed for the entire mission and only stack once.

Drakira’s Malice
2458224546_preview_Drakira's Malice
“Taking damage deals damage to nearby enemies.”

I’ve never noticed much effect from this one, and often, you’re not trying to get hit.

Have it also stagger nearby enemies like the Gromil Curse talent Ironbreaker has.

What if the Helborg Tutelage procked before the additional Crit chances ? Like separately:

Base Crit Chance (10) * Helborg (0) + Base Crit Chance (10) * Crit chance modifier (0.1)

That way you would have, if you don’t have Helborg: 11%
But if you have it you get: 1% Natural Crit + the guaranteed Crit on the 5th hit

Honestly I think those 2 should be reworked in the base game too:

Thousand Cut: Exchanging Weapon give small attack speed buff (Has a cooldown
Skull-Splitter: Staying on one weapon for a long time give a buff that activate on the first attack (Has a cooldown), Attack Strength Buff

And in general, I would like for there to be a new type of Altar, instead of having a weapon, the anvil or the guy it would have a skull or a balance where you can exchange/sacrifice your boons for a sum of pilgrim coins (Dependent on the rarity the sum would be higher or lower)

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For Helborg’s Tutelage and Smite I don’t understand what the “Crit Chance Modifier” is. The idea I’m trying to convey is that Criticals given from boons (or the mission completion bonus) should still work independently of Helborg’s Tutelage and Smite, otherwise it’s disadvantageous to use that talent going into an Expedition, and it’s problematic since you can still get it from Seer’s Altars. The way I envision it working is independent of boons.

For both Zealot and Mercenary, getting 1% Crit Chance + 1 guaranteed Crit every 5th strike is still abysmal compared to 10% Crit Chance with either of their other two level 10 talents. In the Campaign, the builds I use that include the Smite or Helborg’s Tutelage talents compensate for the bonuses I’m not getting from either of the other two levels 10 talents by being able to choose other bonuses on my weapon properties to hit breakpoints. You can’t do that in the Chaos Wastes.
With the level completion bonus, it should be 10% Crit Chance + 1 guaranteed Crit every 5th strike, otherwise, it’s a waste to use that talent unless you’re lucky enough to only get boons that work well with Helborg’s Tutelage or Smite, rather than ones that don’t work with it.

For A Thousand Cuts and Skull-Splitter, I’m not sure they need a rework, and even if they do, I’m not sure your suggestion is the best way. Having to swap weapons in order to receive the bonuses would feels like the talent bonuses are being held hostage by arbitrarily having to switch at time intervals.
Often, I’m picking weapons that complement each other such as Dual Hammers and 1H Axe. I wouldn’t want to have to switch to a less suitable weapon for the enemy I’m currently fighting just to get use out of those talents. If that were the case, I’d always choose the 5% Crit Chance.

Sounds nice, but how would this refund work? In the middle of gameplay, you go into a menu to refund boons? I prefer to have the option at shrines.