Changes I hope to see to push this game back into the great territory

things we know will be fixed:

  • further fixe stability
  • allow stable private sessions

gameplay changes:

  • give ogryn more damage based weapon rather than crowd control option.
  • rework feat of most classes to offer real changes in gameplay for a class in order to compensate for the lack of subclass.
  • rework brain burst to deal overtime damage as it goes and still count as validated if someone else finish the kill during BB.
  • buff auto weapons ammo and/or damage.


  • double or triple the amount of missions available (even better: have player select a mission type and difficulty then role a set of option with various second objectives, secondary effects, sector etc…)
  • give melk tokens for quickplay
  • make melk token available for all your rejects, make non accomplished melk missions stay other weeks so you can play several rejects without loosing any hope to get some longer assignement.


  • ensure either the possibility to prevent non friends to join a group or to garantee a leaver wont be replaced until he can try to join back. (for example if the rejecct was in an attack team ask one other member of it if the search for replacement should start now or in three minutes).


  • reduce premium skin bundle to 2000 aquila (style more than in Vtide) and the other set to 750 aquila.
  • replace the availability timer for skin with promotion bundles like four premium skins (one for each rejects class) for 6000 aquila.

those changes on the store allow you to keep the aquila systeme, still facture skins higher than in Vtide and still have a timer incentive but reduce the worst of the system (FOMO effect, extra aquila etc…)

add lore dialogues (either automatic or activated) in the HUB so it feel more alive and give zola, the inquisitor and the other more value.

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