Change Oppurtunist to Devastating blow like in VT1

why we dont have devastating blow like in vt1?
how much SV are on maps and they have new attack(charge) i dont know why that is not in game.
and how this oppurtunist work? do i need 100% push/block on 1hand weapon and this trait to get some push power vs SV overhead?
i know there is 100% parry and works wonders but i want to push!
range meta! ofc is range meta bc u dont have push power 5-10 sv stack inside each others and u use melee NOP u only hit 1 u cant push them so back to range weapon


I’d actually like to see this too.

One thing that is very necessary that is missed from a Melee side of the ball is just that… Devastating Blow.

It would help a great deal in Melee based parties, its sadly lacking on the melee side in this game. It was just as crucial as Shields were in V1… but that’s missing now in V1 which is greatly weakening the Melee side of the ball.

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I second this motion!
Opportunist is a worthless trait for weapons atm.

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true indeed
can u imagine 2hand sword with devastating blow?
well i will tell u it will be a gr8 weapon to use even 1hand sword(now there is some weapons that are just crap dew blow can change that)
with dew blow back im sure melee meta will come back like in vt1

Yes please, Devastating Blow would be huge in this game. It would also help the 1h axes alot.

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If not a trait, even a +push strength property would be nice.

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plis change this i want to have some push power!!

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