Opportunist doesn't seem to work

So I had the idea to make a max push character. Specifically to deal with the overhead attacks of chaos warriors.

I chose Ironbreaker with Shield of Valaya (+50% push). I equipped a Shield+Hammer(+30% push) and Necklace(+30% push). I even gave my charm power vs chaos, although I’m sure that did nothing. This setup didn’t allow me to push the chaos warriors back during their overhead attack, although i could nudge them a little when they weren’t doing anything.

So I changed the trait to Opportunist which increases push strength by 50% against an attacking enemy. Perfect! I’m now at 160% Push when I’m wanting to do my thing. So I go in wait for an overhead attack (or any attack by mr chaos warrior) and bonk nothing happens. After playing a couple more games I’m noticing that it feels like this trait literally does nothing.

Is it me, or does Opportunist not work at all?

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You can do that without buffing Push.

Yes Opportunist doesn’t work since Months, together with Heroic Intervention.

Push strength affected by push/block angle stats? Doubt so

U forgot about Off Balance amplifying damage only by 20% and not 50% (as it is in description). And also RC decreasing remaining CD of ult by 2s instead of 2%, so we have only 2 of 6 traits on melee weapons working properly, Parry and SS, and it’s all 4 month after release.


It’s just opportunist that doesn’t work though. HI works but is pretty bad, offbalance and resourceful just have a wrong description.

Regarding the topic, push strength can be increased with crit pushes or the power vs property. I don’t think any amount of power stacking allows you to push a CW out of an overhead though.

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Oh, so Heroic Intervention is working peoperly now, good news everyone!

If they are working “as intended” why didn’t FS change discription of this traits? And if they are just bugged why for god’s sake they aren’t even in aknowleged bugs?

And how does this fact changes that only 2 traits on melee weapon works according to description?

Maybe oppoturnist works, but its just not noticeable? I dont know the correct numbers,but lets das you can have a push strength from 1-10. You got 3… so 50% would be 1,5 more… 160% would be about 7,8… Seems pretty solid , but maybe you cant push a CW while he attacks?
They’re special at all (even the magic-dot-resistence armor) ans they’re slow. So slow and strong, that it’s maybe intended?
I dont know if it’s bugged or not, but i would recommend , you would try it in stormvermin/mauler.

Edit: if it would be hardly noticable , the perk would be broken. Pick a dwarf with recovery + shield , push the hell outta there and no enemy would be able to attack anymore.

HI has always worked.

There’s a lot of descriptions that are slightly off, perhaps they are not deemed major bugs. Most of the effects were changed but the descriptions didn’t follow.

I cant recall where I read this but I read that weapons have a push strength stat and shields have the max which is value 5. As 5 is max you cant increase it with trait.

Secondly OP I think you are confused is what “increase block/push angle” is and how it affects push strength.

In my experience only charged crit from 2h axe stops sliding overhead.

I’m 70% sure it’s working. I’ve re-rolled it on my Rapier and i can notice some much needed push force increase. Shields are easier to deal with now. Unless i’m tripping balls or woke up suddenly playing better. But i’m like, uh, 70% sure.

are u in beta or are u a host? bc there is a changes on it

Increased push radius for all melee weapons.
Increased push strength for all melee weapons.
Reduced stamina regen delay after pushing.
anyway what i expect from that trait is to be the same as vt1 devastating blow trait. anything less that that is just mehh.
they added stormvermin new attack -charge attack and for me it destroy melee play this is way is RANGE meta in game. dont get me wrong as host u can doge for days but as client even if u doge the auto-aim from SV will still hit u. so my only defence as CLIENT in vt1 was devastating blow
and this opportunist for me is a total crap

That’s a good question, i’ve tested it in the beta, indeed

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