Opportunist is broken

Since 2.0 opportunist does not work
There is no difference between Opportunist pushes and normal pushes on both light and heavy weapon types.

It work like Parry, only if you push at last second

well, If this is true, this is also a #v2:feedback
I can see how Parry is balanced in risk and reward, as you have 100% block cost reduction if you’re skilled and Stamina drained and also trait slot wasted instead of Remorseful combatant or Swift Slaying if you are not.

But with Opportunist you get stronger push OR get hit, and sometimes hit hard if you miss the timing. So either the reward must be higher (can also stagger CW or Monster for example) or risk must be lower. As I can see, the Opportunist would be better if it was a reliable and steady “stronger push” trait, so it could outmatch Swift Slaying and Resourseful Combatant in Player’s range of options and be actually desirable to have as a trait. As a way to tweak light weapon pushes into something substantial or turn heavy weapon into a steamrolling tank


Opportunist increases the stagger power of your attacks while enemies are in attack animations. That is all it does. It is functioning as of the current patch.


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