Opportunist trait - does it actually work?

The Opportunist trait doesn’t seem to work, at least not in a way that is meaningfully noticeable. As a replacement for Devastating Blow, the most singularly noticeable effect of Dev Blow is missing - the ability to interrupt Stormvermin overhead attacks.

Testing on both live (1.0.4) and beta (1.0.5), and on Champion difficulty a buddy with 558 hero power and Opportunist on his 2h Hammer attempted to shove a Stormvermin who was in the midst of an overhead attack, and was unable to interrupt it. Same on a 2h Axe.

A shield without the trait interrupts them just fine, however, just like in Vermintide 1. This leads me to surmise that the effect of the Opportunist trait, if it is functioning properly, is substantially lower than the effect of Devastating Blow from the first game.

All of the weapon traits should feel like they are having a direct and regular effect in the game. This one does not (and neither does Heroic Intervention).


There are plenty of stuff that doesn’t work at all. Many functionalities just exhist on paper, to add a fake sense of depth to the game, while the players are left to test stuff themselves since FS won’t give basic information.

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Yes I assume that Opportunist doesn’t work on 1.0.4 for the same reason - effects that modify power don’t work. It also doesn’t seem to work on 1.0.5 though, where power modifiers are supposed to be working.

It might not work because it just doesn’t work, but it also might “not work” because the breakpoints are so far apart that even with +50% it’s insufficient to notice the difference.

Which wouldn’t be THAT big of a problem if Fatshark could be upfront to us about all the stuff that is broken. Unfortunately, we are left to lose hours testing it all by ourselves in the middle of the missions (since the dummy also doesnt work).


Given that stagger should have been more than halved, if you were unable to stagger on live without it working, i would not expect you to be able to stagger on the beta, even if it properly works.

Haven’t tested, but just from playing there seems to be a noticeable difference vis a vis hordes, so I roll with it on all my characters

For SV bullying you will need extreme power. It is possible in 1.04, but not possible in 1.05 (or at least not the same) with 600 power, and in 1.05 that is with what should be at least +15% power against. Thanks for providing numbers btw, we can have a ballpark estimate of the breakpoint

UPDATE: Shoving SV doesn’t really work in current beta patch even with what should be +50% power against

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Ahem, sorry for necroposting. I’ve been wondering is this trait works or not. now, on 1.0.7 ?
Maybe I don’t understand what actualy this trait doing. Is it must push harder, or just interupt attacks? Can someone tell me, plz ?

I’ve been using it on my 1h axe zealot setup ( yeah i know ) with high stamina/stamina regen to help with crowd control and i still can’t tell if it even works or not so i’m just hoping that it does.

Only difference I’ve ever noticed is on the spear, push goes from just stunning clan rats to straight launching them a few feet back onto their rears. Other than that, not much difference.

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