The Opportunist Trait

Does anybody find this trait useful? I don’t notice a difference whenever I’m using it. It might be too situational with how vague “Attacking Enemy” is. It could either mean:

  • The enemy is targeting you and only you.
  • The enemy is in an attack animation and must be targeting you.
  • The enemy is in an attack and could be targeting any teammate.

Some clarification on this trait would be great from a fatshark representative.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference in my tests. I wish they’d make it like the Devastating Blow trait from the first game…


It was broken for a really long time. I honestly do not know if it was even fixed. From the description alone it just says attacking enemy so my guess would be it would work on any attacking enemy regardless who they were initially attacking.

Like @Flinlock says it should work like Devastating Blow as that trait was very clear in it’s description.


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