Champion(s) of Chaos

I noticed a discernible lack of Chaos Wastes threads in this forum, so let’s change this :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure where I read the comment anymore. But I remember someone saying that the influence of the Chaos God watching over an expedition is pretty minor. Effectively, this means only that the final arena map will be cursed by said god (and for the Citadel of Eternity also the fourth map). Other than that there is no influence of them to be noticed. Not even a higher chance for getting curses of the watching Chaos God.

From a gameplay standpoint I understand this because you don’t want all maps in a campaign be cursed by the same Chaos God. It will become boring to tedious. On the other hand it feels wrong to have a Nurgle Expedition and get three times Slaanesh for subsequent maps.

As such I would like to propose an additional (and unlikely to be implemented) element connecting an expedition to a Chaos God: Champion(s) of Chaos or Warbands.

While the U5 are not the big players in the Endtimes, they have been annoying enough that killing them should grant Chaos worshippers some favour from their gods. As such in the terror event of the second map (or maybe randomly first/second/third map) you will get to fight a Champion of Chaos associated to a specific Chaos God (or a Warband if that is easier to design). They shouldn’t be necessarily be on Lord Level but should be stronger than Chaos Warriors or Skarrik.

I don’t want to go to much into design for all of this because I don’t have enough ideas on it. But everyone one is welcome to make suggestions. Basically these Champion of Chaos can be from the Northern Tribes. Considering the high density of Beastmen living in the Chaos Wastes there is also the obvious solution of Beastmen Champions, namely: Khorngor, Pestigor, Slaangor and Tzaangor. From a quick search not much lore about them could be found (they are mentioned in the Army Book for Beast of Chaos sixth edition). This means there should be a lot of creative freedom. Generally, they are tougher and wear more armor than usual beastmen. For two I had random ideas (not sure how feasible):

  • Khorngor: As mentioned tougher and better armored than normal Bestigors (like much tougher). Works basically as a moving banner as long as he lives. This means that each enemy AND the players get an increase of 2 % attack speed every 10 seconds the Khorngor is close-by up to 50 %. Also, he can and will block all ranged attacks unless he is actively swinging his weapons at one of the players.

  • Tzaangor: As mentioned tougher and better armored than normal Bestigors (like much tougher). Works on deception. In praxis this means EACH time someone is pressing “F” (or whatever button they keybound the career skill), the Tzaangor will swap places with a random player (obviously this will only start working after he enters the arena). By this swapping mechanism he can swap players into hordes and can avoid all damage career skills. So not using the career skills would be the easiest way for defeating him as you then keep control. But maybe the remaining enemies force your hand. I think it is kinda entertaining to imagine a BH using the career skill just for the Tzaanfor to swap place and another players getting headshotted.

I have no particular ideas for Slaangors (really difficult) or Pestigors (some kind of debuff maybe). If Champion of Chaos are not suitable it could also be Warbands of 5 to 10 tougher Bestigors with a Chaos God specific banner (there was a thread somewhere suggesting lots of banners).

Yep. Discernible.

EDIT: Also forget to mention. Upon defeating the Champion of Chaos (and completing the map) you will be already granted the first of the two chests you get right now for completing an expedition. As such there is a better reward if you fail in the latter half of the expedition. Technically, this is not an issue as the game communicates to the server between each expedition map anyway (as seen by the progress in Weekly Quests even for failing expeditions).


Every day that cut game files and current lord assets aren’t repurposed into non-barrel/summoning-circle related events is another day that a Sigmarite loses their faith and posts mean things in the steam forums.

I know the U5 are quite vocal about the absence of other Chaos factions, but Nurgle champs seem like something we’d 110% see in the wastes.

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I mean I understand from a development perspective that they don’t want to make four different Chaos factions. I don’t even think that much would be won by that. But a few very specific enemies as Champions which bring something new on the table. Could also help with expanding Beastmen although most of them would be kinda exclusive to the Wastes (not necessarily bad).

I mean they could start with Pestigors. They should be useable in Adventure Mode as well. And then expand. Just having the final arena cursed seems a bit weak, in my opinion.

Slaangor are supposedly faster than the rest and more civilized/distinguished , it could be based upon the Doombull

As with human Champions, a Doombull may swear allegiance to a single Chaos god, or worship them all with equal fervour, and this is often reflected in their appearance. Doombulls of Khorne, sometimes called Bloodbulls or Khornebulls , often have red-tinged flesh and fur, and their horns are sheathed in heavy brass. The Plaguebulls of Nurgle are fetid, bloated creatures, with gargantuan stomachs filled with corpse gas, and ridden with poxes and boils. Slaanbulls , who worship the god of extravagance Slaanesh, decorate their bodies with many gory trophies, and jewellery looted from others is hammered into their bare flesh and hung on their horns. Most bizarre are the Tzaanbulls , dedicated to the Lord of Magic, Tzeentch. Their brightly patterned skin, wreaths of twisting horns and an aura of crackling Chaos energy mark them out from others of their kind.[2a]

Khorngor: Short Charge type attack (nearly instant but lower reach)

Pestigor: Maybe an AoE attack or even a vomit attack

Slaangor: Blocking or a shadow clone that can divert attention

Tzaangor: Magic attack

Then it can also be ported toward the Minautor to make Doombull and Doombull variant

Still I’d say Random “Lord” spawn are a thing I’ve been advocating for, call them Warlord:


Wargor (with the 4 Variation)

Skaven General (4 great clans: Pestilen, Eshin, Skryre and Morrs)

Norscan (Either the 4 allegiance or something else, don’t really know)

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