Champion nerfed?

Champion mode got nerfed since pre order or it was buffed for pre order only ?

Berserk can be cancelled …
Mob dies way more easily, easier to stagger etc …

Feel like veteran from pre order beta.

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Well they added an extra difficulty level, so perhaps the work around is that “Lord” is what “champion” was in beta? Not sure though.

dmg taken seems higher, but dmg inflicted is also way higher, making it really easy.

Legend feel a bit more challenging, but berserk still can canceled.

What did you change ?

Its significantly easier…honestly I didn’t believe it until i did a few maps on champion and thought I picked the wrong difficulty. Hordes are less dense and there seems to be less mobs all over the map.

What the hell Fatshark.

Mobs inflict more dmg tho, it feels really different.

Legend dmg are nuts, tornado deals 75% of some1 health xD

chaos feels way easier to cleave through. not only marauders, but even shields aren’t stopping swings now. just bashing them to the side and continuing to hit other mobs. we did a champ run where we just ran head first into a chaos horde and chomped through them like a lawnmower. even repeated a bit on legend, though you die so fast a stray poke is enough to kill you and not worth doing there. not sure how much is intentional.

more ambient stormvermin/chaos warriors/maulers is nice though

Berserker are easily interupted now, not much of a threat anymore.

Dont know if it is intended or not.

We can also stagger packmaster now before they hook you, really easy to counter now

While the regular mobs do seem easier to fight, I have personally experienced a massive increase in special and chaos warrior spawns since the beta, mostly on the maps that were available in the open beta.