Challenge issued to devs to complete Malice/Heresy/Damnation Penances themselves in current state of game

I challenge the devs to attempt these themselves with everything the way it currently is. No conditions, try to get all 3 scrips or both grims, and knock out the hardest ones.

I am willing to bet you cannot. Because even the tryhards can’t. And they will stubbornly spend 24-48 hours rage-induced and coping to complete most of these challenges with little to no success.

It’s like they’ve been designed to make people angry and frustrated on purpose. Was this Tencent’s idea? If so, feel free to ignore it because it’s stupid as hell.

Edit: No dev godmode/infinite ammo/one-hit-kill mode activations. Video proof required. Because these challenges feel like emotional and mental abuse.


" And they will stubbornly spend 24-48 hours rage-induced and coping to complete most of these challenges with little to no success."

Literally me with Malleus Monstronum.


I know your pain.

i agree but if they change something to the penances and make them significantly easier i hope in some kind of compensation for the ones that did the hardest penances, i did the Malleus Monstronum with randoms (it was hell, soloing a Monster using only Brain Burst in public groups because i have no friends playing this game) and i would feel offended if after all my sweat, people come and get the same reward i have like it is nothing because people complained enough. i know it is selfish but this is how i feel.

I can understand that, but it isn’t realistic to expect the entire playerbase to even REMOTELY be able to pull that off.

Congrats to you, but the majority of us are losing mental health just LOOKING at these penances. I’d say award anyone who completes these megahard penances “pre-nerf” with a unique insignia, potrait frame or unique weapon skins. Other than that, these penances need a change. Badly.

I don’t think there should be compensations if they make some of the penances a bit easier.

This is a beta after all the whole point is to test.


I understand your point, but you did complete the challenge during pre-order beta period, where everything is still technically subject to change. I mean they have not even made a 100% promise that there will not be a progress wipe, which would make you lose the entire penance.


There is also that, yes.

the complete wipe would be another case which i’m fine with. i agreed to that the moment i started playing the pre-order beta (even if i hope it doesn’t happen).

Everyone would be wiped and everyone would’ve the same penances to do (and some to do again).

in the case only the penance Malleus Monstronum changes, and some get to do an easier task that would be kinda unfair for who already did it when it was much harder. in this case and ONLY this case i would ask for any kind of compensation in proportion to the change made to the challenge. in this case the fact of doing it in a pre-order beta doesn’t really matter in my point of view.

Problem is it isn’t just that achievement. Even if you were the ONLY ONE who completed it, I don’t know that they’d even give you anything as compensation regardless. You alone would have the knowledge that you did it when it was “Stick your balls in a vice and twist” difficult. That will have to be enough. 9/10 times, unless it was an event challenge or something, you won’t receive anything extra.