Matchmaking is deteriorating because of penances

I’d just like to point out that, there’s now a lot of us trying to unlock the most egregious penances like “going out with a bang”

The only realistic way to do this is to grab an Endless Horde modifier mission, and spam it over and over until you get lucky enough with spawns, cross your fingers that your bots won’t kill one of the elites, blow up
Oh and block every player you come across, one by one, to maximise the chances you will only get bots, otherwise you will need to ask and explain 13874 times for little to no result since doing it with bots is easier anyways

Not only is this mind bogglingly tedious, but that also means Malice+ difficulty is progressively filling up with players desperate to be done with those ridiculous penances, so they can never look behind

Damnation is essentially 99% of players trying to cheese their most stupid penance

There are a lot of compounded issues, but the main offenders are :

  • Inability to privately full solo queue
  • Inability to LFG with a proper goal like an announcement message
  • Inability to disable bots
  • Above everything else, and i can’t stress it enough the atrociously designed penances which only promote cheese instead of being actual challenges

Mission quality is dropping drastically, and you might think this is all temporary but i highly recommend you stop there and think about the impact this “meta” is going to have on the 30th new wave of players, when after a couple days out of the first two difficulties half their games consist of players quitting immediately as they can’t or fail to complete their penance

Please, and i’m saying this with everyone’s best interest at heart, drop the “don’t you guys have phon… frienz” mentality

edit - And i’m speaking from experience, it took me a whole 20 hours of spamming damnation endless hordes missions until i got a lucky blow up
That’s 20 hours of what essentially should be called griefing


This is the reason we can’t have nice things. People get obsessed to a point where it is hurtful to them self and others because they can’t handle just to not have some stupid checkbox ticked.


Ah yes, blame the players

Maybe we can’t have nice things because people like you keep defending design failures instead


Just play the game. Achievements are meaningless.

Yes i agree the penances are hard, even somewhat badly designed for a Coop game, but it’s not the point of the game to get these check boxes.


Why even bother answering

I’m reporting on the fact that matchmaking is visibly deteriorating, and it’s only going to get worse

Your little ideology has no revelance in the matter


It has nothing to do with ideology - i just want to hamper the impact of your report by stating that it seems mad to ruin your own and other experience only because of meaningless check boxes. And i hope you reflect on this and become a better version of yourself.
That the “matchmaking is visibly deteriorating” seem to be in part of your actions as you wrote:

And i’m speaking from experience, it took me a whole 20 hours of spamming damnation endless hordes missions until i got a lucky blow up
That’s 20 hours of what essentially should be called griefing

so please stop.
I even agree with you the penances should be more Team focused and not punishing. If they should be harder or easier is for debate but they are not the main part of the game nor important enough to be that mad about it.


And now the classic circular logic

I said what needed to be said

Wether you’re able to understand or not is simply not my problem

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At least you can actually use your chat. It’s still broken for me, it worked only in one single instance. I’ve been trying to do the Cliffhanger penance for hours, a relatively EASY and QUICK penance to do which just requires people to stand on a bridge and not kill a horde so you can push it off said bridge.

But without chat I can’t tell them to stand on the bridge. No one will listen. I have no idea how you can play with bots, they get replaced by players as soon as the game starts for me, no matter the hour.

Penances are a pain. I shouldn’t have to gather 3 people to bribe into doing a chore in order to unlock cosmetics, please let us do custom lobbies or something, anything.

Without being able to do private matches I am not even going to attempt challenges because I don’t want to burden other players with some of these stupid challenges that almost seem designed to make you troll people.

I have seen now a few people who want do do this .

They should really deactivate this till you can make your own group with bots alone. It isn´t really fun for those who want to do this and also not for those who just want to play/level.

It is no fun leave again and again matches, because of some people who want to do this (and i understand why they do it).

So please FS just deactivate this penances, as long the game can not be played on your own with bots …

Ah but scoreboards were the problem with toxic matchmaking…

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Anyone saying penances aren’t the end game are kidding themselves tbh, if the cosmetics were tied to completing everything on tier 3/4/5 then fair enough - but instead they are just asinine by being attached to challenges that make no sense or are detrimental to the team in general.

If they were tied to completing the missions on harder difficulties then teamwork and skillful play is encouraged.

RN they only encourage players to either A) Selfishly complete their penance at the expense of others or B) Join and leave immediately upon failure.

They are not “goals to work towards”, they are moment by moment “challenges” and since they are the only way of obtaining somewhat better looking stuff MM suffers as a whole.

As for vet, the penance completely rules (hinders) the mission for a single player in a team of 4, why is it that zealot can do a mission without using ranged and vet cant do a mission without using melee?

Psyker literally has to kill himself…


There better be something real good in reward for doing these things. I refuse to believe you’d all actually ruin the gameplay over a shiny sticker.

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" I refuse to believe you’d all actually ruin the gameplay over a shiny sticker."

Let the scales drop from your eyes. Humans are weird.