Catrinne news

A year and two months ago I made a post asking about, who is Catrinne?

After all this time we still haven’t seen her. I would like to have some information, it´s a bit absurd that we still don´t know if she will be a seller, an npc, a new hero…

Fatshark, can you give us some information?

She is artist and don’t like to be visible, what more do you want?

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She is the painter who made like half the paintings we can find and hang on the walls while she apparently has a thing for ol´saltz but is also slightly “off” mentally for one reason or another.

She also has a grudge against Bardin who apparently eats her painting brushes.

Source for this stuff is reading the flavor text on the paintings and listening to the dialogues. ’


The real question is why Dwarves are so addicted to paint brushes.


I think that’s conspiracy talk, my Salp-y boy, I think the root of the question is: why leave a paintbrush where a dwarf can reach it? Sounds like the inconsistent behavioral patterns of a heretic :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding, of course. Nah, I don’t really need to see Catrinne and I don’t really care about her. Could be nifty, I guess, but got no interest vested in the character.

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