Who is Catrinne?

Franz Lohner quotes this character in the paintings, who is she?

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I was wandering about it. So far it’s the only VO picture i’ve found


We might find out some day, though we may never know. I think in some cases it’s good for a game to present some mysteries or machinations we never get answers to or can only guess at. Though like all things I’d imagine this is a balancing act. It’s always good for a game to give you enough information to imagine there are other things happening in the world that we as players are not party to and characters who we may hear of but never meet. But at the same time giving us enough information to give us structure and understanding of the journey our characters undertake. In some ways, this balancing act gives a game’s world a sense of realism. We can’t know everything, nor do we need to.

It’s always good to have just enough information that we as the player base can imagine some of the background. Grasp at straws for answers that may never come, and I think in some ways this can draw some people in. It’s also fun on occasion to read people’s theories based on what they can piece together from this stuff.

Anyway, it’s interesting to think of, and a quick google search doesn’t turn anything up. So I’d be interested to hear some of the theories or head canon that develop around this character. Admittedly, I might just be grasping at straws with this response.

Having a few more pictures, I suppose Catrinne is the author of those.
It fits with some of Lonher’s comments. Like “she’s getting cynical” or “you guys told me of no such thing”

It might just be an easter Egg to the art dev who put them in. The only person I can find with that name in warhammer is a voice actor.

Who is Catrinne? It may be brutal, but she is a random character created for the game to explain the origin of all these paintings and that’s all.

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