Cataclysm key contracts and cheating

I tried to find a game for the Khazid Kro Cataclysm mission that’s on today’s Bounty Board. I just kept the lobby browser on and waited for the mission to pop up.

After a few minutes, I finally see one so I tried to join. I tried to join the lobby the second it started but I get an error message saying, “The game has ended.”

It happened two more times.

Finally, the last one that popped up and I joined as soon as it started. A few minutes into the game, we all were in the middle of a horde when the game mysteriously ends with a Victorious screen and I ended up getting a “broken connection” error screen and thus returning to the keep.

My question is when V1 gets the mods up and running, will there be a way to implement an anti-cheat to the game? It’s really frustrating that no one seems to want to actually play the game the way it was designed and ends up cheating for collecting keys.

You can use the Anti-Cheat mod but you will be forced to host all the time. That’s what I did.
Tell ret@rds that cheat for any kind of loot by rushing or instant winning that there is the item dispenser mod (included in the cheat bundle they downloaded) to cheat every Item they want. They are just wasting time.

I can’t use mods for V1 because it crashes my game. It is not a suitable solution for me.

You could ask around Discord if there are any people who would like to play V1 with you

I’ve started playing V1 again while waiting for WoM. I’d happily play Cataclysm with you or some Last Stand. My Steam ID is the same as my username here.

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