Cash Shop Kerfuffle

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Issue Description: Multiple part problem, cash shop related. First part- I just wanted to buy the new ogryn bionic headpiece. I was being rushed to play by friends so i wasn’t paying as much attention as I probably should have been for my first cash shop purchase. All the pieces in the bundle are priced separately so I thought I could buy them separately, guess that’s not the case cause I ended up buying the whole bundle. I found a second Fatshark support site stating you don’t do aquila refunds but I’m also seeing that this is an unfortunately common issue and people are indeed being helped with it. I’ve taken off the gear just in case.

Second part- You can’t preview what the gear looks like on your character prior to purchase. In hindsight I probably should have suspected that the bionic piece would remove hair, but again, I was being rushed and didn’t think of it. It’s more like a hairpiece in and of itself, which leads me to

Third part- Once you’ve purchased the item it does not remain equipped during character re-customization so you can’t properly work around it to make it look good.

Fourth part, questions and comments- Will the pieces ever be available separately? I’d love to see character preview in the cash shop. I’d love to see equipment preview in the character customizer. I’d love to see some of the hairs made compatible with the bionic.

Platform: Steam

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone: 12/16/2022, 3PM EST

Hi @ADHDoug,

Sorry to hear that.

It is possible to purchase individual cosmetic items from a bundle. Though, I appreciate the purchase journey isn’t the clearest.

To do so, you need to press V to inspect the individual cosmetic piece, and from the Inspect screen it is then possible to purchase the item alone. Please be assured that we’re collecting feedback and aim to improve the shop UI/UX over time.

I’ve also credited the Aquilas spent in error back to your balance for you :slight_smile:

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