Can't play the game because of crashes

hi i need help with crashes.

middle of the game it justs closes it self and says sorry for inconvenience and there it goes my 10-20m of gameplay didn’t event get single bit of exp it’s so annoying i tried close steam overlay i deleted gpu drivers with ddu im still getting crashes

crash logs
console-2020-08-01-17.10.11-24802eb7-3e5b-4009-a9d2-73dfd6b5c995.log (688.7 KB)
console-2020-08-01-16.47.51-be3582f7-5fdc-4dbc-810a-8c9f1845313d.log (556.9 KB)

Could you try switching to DirectX 11 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu, and see if there’s any improvement?

i tried it i play like couple hours i didn’t get any crash but fps is horrible

so no way to fix it?

We’re looking in to why certain players crash using DirectX 12. In the mean time I can only recommend continuing to use DirectX 11, which I appreciate isn’t ideal.

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