Can't play on Intel ARC A770 16GB

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Error - 2014

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When i try tp launch mission game is breaking, set on blackscreen amd disconnected with error 2014

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No, I don’t use mods

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Constant (100%)

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Steam (PC)

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We do have some recurrent issues with the Intel ARC, unfortunately.

Do you have the latest drivers installed?

Yes, latest

Some interesting information.

  1. It works when i turn off all browsers.
    Freezes at the beginning of loading, but after 3-4 seconds it starts working correctly.

  2. Vermintide 2 is correctly works in highest graphics settings

  3. Drivers have been updated


GUID: d1147f7c-b8ac-4d97-90c7-b0fd6a3b7b8d
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Apologies for the delay, we’re looking in to this. Thanks for sharing the additional information.

You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to playing without any problems in good quality.

GUID: a44b98bf-67ab-4bc1-ba01-2a736eeb179a
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GUID: 99f27697-b607-4352-ae32-fcd391a328a5
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Drivers have been updated


Drivers have been updated. Long loading into the ship and into the mission. Same as in previous driver versions

hey, i’ve not followed the whole thread but this issue is due to some driver issue making creation of ray tracing shaders slower than it should.

Im not familiar how common this is for Intel but for AMD i know this affects a few.

you can turn off ray tracing using

ray_tracing = false in your user config (found in appdata)

or modifying the game file
same thing there, set ray_tracing = false