Can't join or host any multiplayer games ''Connection Time out''

After installing the BTU DLC I have been unable to join or host any multiplayer games. When I launch teh search I just get stuck in an endless loop of ‘‘expanding search area’’.

Players attempt to join and after around 30 seconds of trying to connect it shows that they have left the game, same happens when I try and join a lobby from the list, I can see who is in the lobbies , but when I try and join it goes back to the loop.

I don’t think it is a wifi issue as I have been playing regularly for the past couple of months without any issues besides the odd crash here and there. I have verified the files on steam and uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times. Any ideas of what more I could do?

Sorry to hear about your connectivity problems. Firstly, I would recommend performing a DNS Flush by:

  1. Run the Command Prompt as an administrator
  2. Enter the commands:
    ipconfig /flushdns

Be sure to restart your PC afterwards!

Should that prove to be unsuccessful, changing your DNS may help. Instructions on how to switch to Google DNS can be seen here:

Otherwise, we’d be keen to see if this is router-related. Are you perhaps able to connect your PC to your mobile data for a brief period to see if the same issues occur? I appreciate that this isn’t always an option.

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