Cant connect to any lobby at all

I am unable to connect to any lobby at all. Sometimes the game just hangs with me connecting in the top right corner and I cant stop the search and sometimes it drops and gives me a connection timeout.

I have searched and tried a few fixes other people used with the same issue but nothing else has worked for me.

I cannot connect to friends games or public lobbies.

Inbetween the following fixes I tried to connect to both friends and public lobbies without success.

The foxes I tried were

Restarting steam
Restarting pc
Verifying integrity of game files
Clearing download cache
Redownloading the game

And I still cant play and I would quite like to eventually.

Any help is appreciated.

The Connection Timeout error is unfortunately still a mystery to us for the most part. It is usually the result of a localised networking issue.

We have some solutions here you may not have already tried:

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