Timeout Issue

Since a few days, I get constant Connection Timeout when i try to join public Lobbys, and if im able to join i will just get a Timeout after 5-10min. Only way to play for me are private Lobbys with 1 friend and only when we try to connect to each other, both timeout at the same time, and then im able to connect to him, until another player joins then i get again a Timeout. (If no other player joins never get a Timeout)

(Already tried the solutions for Timeout issues)
console-2021-06-05-22.45.01-eb330b9f-3fa4-4d7a-b062-a7feca50b6e9.log (2.2 MB)
console-2021-06-06-19.10.09-849cf875-f7b0-4431-8edb-2d8ff97e5212.rar (379.4 KB)

Am I right in saying you tried the solutions listed here?: [PC] How to Resolve SIGN-IN TIMEOUT - COULDNT_CONNECT - CONNECTION TIMEOUT - COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST Errors – Fatshark

Were you able to contact your ISP about it?

Isp says everything should be fine.

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